Title: Ballytore, Home of Isaac H. Clothier, Wynnewood (c.1900)
Abstract: Designed by Addison Hutton and built in 1885 on a 60 acre property in Wynnewood that had been Henry Morris' Maple Grove Farm; Agnes Irwin School located at Ballytore from 1933 to 1960; in 1963, Ballytore become the home of the Saint Sahag & Saint Mesrob Armenian Church
Keywords: Clothier, Isaac H./Ballytore/Wynnewood/Hutton, Addison/Maple Grove Farm/Morris, Henry/Agnes Irwin School/Saint Sahag & Saint Mesrob Armenian Church
Source: Philadelphia and Notable Philadelphians, Moses King, 1902
Binder: 5
Collection: W. Robert Swartz