• CABINET established 2/2/1853, PM Joseph T. Pearce; changed 3/11/1874 to ARDMORE.
  • ARDMORE (19003) established 3/11/1874, changed from CABINET, PM George H. Baker.

  • GENERAL WAYNE established 2/5/1830, PM John Castner; discontinued 7/10/1830; re-established 2/8/1850, PM David Young; changed and moved 4/26/1882 to ACADEMY.
  • PENCOYD established 4/21/1880, PM Samuel A. Regan; discontinued 5/31/1933, patrons served by Bala-Cynwyd.
  • ACADEMY applied 1882 to become a PO under the name Merionville. On 4/26/1882 the GENERAL WAYNE PO was changed and moved to establish ACADEMY, PM Millard F. Harley; discontinued 3/31/1911, patrons served by Cynwyd.
  • BALA STATION established 5/21/1884, PM Mary A. Riddle; changed 11/9/1886 to BALA.
  • BALA established 11/9/1886, changed from BALA STATION, PM Mary A. Riddle, discontinued 3/30/1921, patrons served by BALA-CYNWYD.
  • CYNWYD established 9/6/1890, PM Emma B. Riddle; changed 3/31/1921 to BALA- CYNWYD.
  • BALA-CYNWYD (19004) Est. 3/21/1921, changed from CYNWYD, PM Charles J. Hansell.
Bryn Mawr

  • BRYN MAWR (19010) established 11/21/1871, changed and moved from West Haverford, Delaware Co., PM William H. Ramsey.

  • MILLER established 6/24/1836, changed and moved from Buck Tavern, Delaware County, PM Jacob Castner; changed and moved to West Haverford, Delaware County, on 6/30/1837
  • HAVERFORD COLLEGE established 9/5/1871, PM Isaac Hunter; changed 3/17/1892 to HAVERFORD.
  • HAVERFORD (19041) established 3/17/1892, changed from HAVERFORD COLLEGE, PM Ralph W. Warner, Jr.

  • MERION established 1/18/1820, PM James Robinson; discontinued September,1822.
  • LOWER MERION established 2/8/1830, PM Griffith Young; changed 6/5/1890 to GLADWYNE.
  • GLADWYNE (19035) established 6/5/1890, changed from LOWER MERION, PM John Breen. In 1894 the PM reported that another name for Gladwyne was Merion Square.
  • MERION STATION (19066) established 12/13/1880, PM Solomon S. Ketcham; changed 7/26/1881 to a station in Philadelphia; changed back to an independent PO on 6/1/1887, PM William R. Dederick.
  • ROSEGLEN established 4/14/1884, PM Robert Chadwick; discontinued 9/1/1888, patrons served by LOWER MERION.

  • ROSEMONT (19010) established 8/29/1881, PM Ida M. Hunter; changed 4/1/1958 to branch of BRYN MAWR.

  • WYNNEWOOD (19096) established 5/17/1882, PM Frank P. Hunter.

  • OVERBROOK established 7/25/1867, PM Jesse W. Crouse; discontinued 3/18/1881, patrons served by Philadelphia; re-established 4/11/1881 as a station of Philadelphia; changed 4/28/1887 to an independent PO, PM Solomon S. Ketcham; changed 8/26/1908 to Philadelphia County. There is doubt that the Overbrook PO ever was located in Montgomery County; after an investigation in 1908, a PO inspector said it was always located in Philadelphia County.
  • WEST MANAYUNK established 6/4/1912, PM Elizabeth A. Lentz; discontinued 5/15/1918, patrons served by Manayunk, Philadelphia County.

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