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July 8, 198?October, 1955August, 1960October, 1885October, 1917
Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocationComments
GelzerEmma18621954Plot C09 grave 2AWife of William Fischer
Gerhard?John SergentDecember 24, 1846May 2, 1911Plot K06 grave 1A 
Gerhard?Mary PepperFebruary 11, 1846February 10, 1920Plot K06 grave 1B 
Gerherd, Jr.?John SergentMarch 28, 1876February 16, 1893Plot K06 grave 2AEledest son of John Sergent Gerherd
Gerherd?Albert PepperAugust 22, 1877November 22, 1963Plot C23 grave 3A 
Gerherd?Anne Sergeant 1917?Plot C23 grave 2B 
Gerherd?Emilie FitchJune 25, 1882January 5, 1978Plot C23 grave 2A 
HallClarenceAugust 20, 1891December 3, 1972Plot D12 grave 1AHusband of Dorothy Kirk Hall
HallDorothy KirkJuly 5, 1893November 11, 1990Plot D12 grave 1BWife of Clarence Hall
HarrisAdelaide Ely July 3, 1963Plot D02 grave 6AWife of Frank Becker Harris
HarrisAnne Sergeant Gerherd?July 2, 1881June 10, 1962Plot D02 grave 2A 
HarrisFrank BeckerSeptember 5, 1885June 27, 1955Plot D02 grave 5AHusband of Adelaide Ely Harris
HarrisMorrisonJune 15, 1883July 8, 1954Plot D02 grave 1A 
HenryMary E.August 18, 1856April 7, 1884Plot B5B grave 6AWife of Bayar? Henry
HestonSusan L.June 14, 1881September 24, 1935Plot A07 grave 3BWife of Richard Martin Shoemaker, Jr.
HiersGlen SeftonAugust 17, 1896September 7, 1954Plot E12 grave 2A 
HiersMildred D. 1985Plot E12 grave 2A 
HillAnna L. March 12, 1914Plot D09 grave 2B 
HillJohn Edwin December 31, 1946Plot E16 grave 3APriest of Diocese of Pennsylvania
HillLee Farmer December 28, 1953Plot E16 grave 1A 
Hill, IIIGeorge H.October 4, 1912April 20, 1985Plot D09 grave 2A 
Hill, IVGeorge 1942?Plot D09 grave 3A23 day-old infant son of George H. Hill, III
HoffmanC. Fenno?June 18, 1894April 26, 1942?Plot E06 grave 6A"Entered into Life Eternal"
HoffmanMarie WrightMarch 4, 1896Plot E06 grave 5A"Entered into Life Eternal"
HorstmannSarah DuyPlot I05 grave 2B 
HorstmannWilliam H.Plot I05 grave 2A 
HummelEugeneDecember 19, 1855July 17, 1925Plot E07 grave 2ABorn in Mulhouse, Alsace