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Last NameFirst NameDate of BirthDate of DeathLocationComments
RedmileMarion B. 1992?Plot D10 grave 1A 
RendellGwendolyn Roberts19071985Plot I03 grave 2A 
RendellJohn L.19031986Plot I03 grave 2B 
RhoadsJames Logen?April 24, 1890April 24, 1925Plot D08 grave 4A1st Lieutenant Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army
RhoadsJay Roscoe Plot K07 grave 1A 
RobertsThompson18881938Plot B06 grave 5A 
RobertsAlgornonOctober 3, 1910October 6, 1993Plot B5B grave 4A 
RobertsAlice Tyson Butcher18761955Plot C08 grave 2A 
RobertsBrinton PageNovember 15, 1901October 22, 1934Plot C08 grave 3A 
RobertsCaroline Henry18841966Plot B5B grave 5A 
RobertsCharles IngersollJuly 4, 1951July 14, 1951Plot B5A grave 1AInfant
RobertsFrances KellettMarch 17, 1930October 12, 1972Plot B06 grave 1A 
RobertsG. Brinton18691945Plot C08 grave 1A 
RobertsGeorge Brooke18351897Plot B05 grave 6A1st Rector's Lierder?
RobertsGeorge Brooke19001975Plot C08 grave 4AArchitect
RobertsIsaac Warner18811967Plot B5B grave 5BFifth Rector's Lierder?
RobertsMiriam P.18461913Plot B05 grave 6ATogether they [George & Miriam Roberts] helped to found and build this church
RobertsRowland EvansNovember 29, 1904February 5, 1958Plot I03 grave 1A 
Ronkin?Calvin HagenOctober 27, 1900April 27, 1971Plot K05 grave 2AHusband of Pauline Landerberger?
Rupert, M.D.Mary P. S.18791939Plot E14 grave 2A 
SchaeferMarion? December 23, 1968Plot E10 grave 1AWife of Oscar Schaefer
SchaeferMarthe July 7, 1943Plot E10 grave 2AWife of Oscar Schaefer
SchaeferOscar September 5, 1955Plot E10 grave 3A 
Schenck, Jr.EdwinJanuary 12, 1874August 25, 1936Plot A03 grave 2A 
SchulerLoring? Ashley18861968Plot E17 grave 3A 
SchulerMyral Blake18841967Plot E17 grave 2A 
ScottE. Frederick18951976Plot E13 grave 2A 
ScottElsie W.18961981Plot E13 grave 2B 
ScullyC. AlisonOctober 17, 1887November 8, 1954Plot C24 grave 6A 
ScullyElizabeth W.March 5, 1893June 21, 1994Plot C24 grave 4A 
SeelyFrank HepburnAugust 5, 1855July 2, 1926Plot A09 grave 1A 
SeelyMary Worthington January 8, 1929Plot A09 grave 1B 
ShaletAlbert Paul18841942Plot A05 grave 2A 
ShaletSally Womble18891973Plot A05 grave 2B 
ShawJacques Adele "Dolly"July 3, 1919February 15, 1994Plot F03 grave 2A 
Shaw, 2dElliott December 12, 1919Plot F03 grave 1A 
Shoemaker, Jr.Richard MartinJuly 27, 1874June 29, 1928Plot A07 grave 3A 
SpearLise? Logen? 1943?Plot D08 grave 05A 
StengerHenry B.18631940Plot E18 grave 2B 
StengerJennie E.18571923Plot E18 grave 2A 
SykesDonald MyBeck?1908Plot I04 grave 3B