Morris Llewellyn
Family Cemetery

Youngsford Road, Gladwyne PA
(view from Youngsford Road looking North)

portion of John Levering's 1851 map of Lower Merion

  The Morris Llewellyn Family Cemetery dates to at least 1734, when "Young's Ford Road" wascreated. The cemetery occupies 0.319 acres along the East side of Youngsford Road between Limberlost Lane and Stony Lane in Gladwyne, PA. The lot measures approximately 45 feet by 537 feet, and has fallen into disrepair. In 2003, none of the headstonesare visible, and the lot is overgrown with trees and bushes.

Morris Llewellyn purchased approximately 500 acres of farmlandin Haverford in 1697 for 100 poundsfrom the estate of Nathaniel Pennock. His son, Morris Llewellyn, Jr. received 400acres in Gladwyne in the early 1700s in an area then called Indian Fields. The cemetery is marked on the map of John Levering in 1851 in Jonathan Llewellyn'sproperty, which by that time had reduced to 25 acres.

It is unknown how many members of the family were buried here.The only stone knownto exist is that of a daughter of George and Margaretta Knorr, who died in 1832. Before1895, some remains were removed and re-buried at "Old Dutch Cemetery" (St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran) and "Baptists on the Gulph" (Lower Merion Baptist Cemetery). It is not knownif any remains were left at Llewellyn Family Cemetery.

Information on this page courtesy of S. Hamill Horne of the Lower Merion Historical Society.

Updated February, 2003