Joseph Price Diary

Jan 1st 1808 Wind N W & froze hard & Cold day of[f] with the [widow] Jane Price to see sum of her Tenants at Aquila McVaughs a very great Shower of Snow from W & high winds as we Came home in Evening 1/2 lb Tobacco 121/2 Cents 4 qt. whiskey of Yerkus 30 Cents 2 when I killd hogs one at Makeing Titus Roberts Coffin & one to day for new years

2nd Wind N W & a Cold morn but fine Clear day, Tom & I off to Price's barn finished the floor, dined at the old house home before night, then off to Loyd Jones & had a great oyster supper Cherry boun[ce] peach & wine, Some of the wagering at Price's hog killing; Nathan Lewis Wm.Tunis & I home about 2 OC--

3rd Wind S W in Morn & begun to Snow after day. Coverd the Ground & Seem to Clear Evening got W. & Got very Cold, Balor David Latch & I went to See Aron Johnson's place in Haverford advertised for sale by Sherriff, back & Calld at Rees's Tavern drank 2 M[ugs] bear I Spent 61/4 Cents So home, had no dinner

January the 4th 1808 Wind N W. & very hard frost & very Cold day, I at Morris Seeing them kill his bull home to Dinner, & off to Charles Bevans put on alock on front door Back in Evening Nathan along Aaron Johnson here A terrible Crippeler of our Langage & the Most Teagious man to tell any tail that perhaps is to be found

5th Wind N by E & remarkable Sharp Clear morning up soon Ben up & Said one of our Sheep was missing, of[f] & hunted & found it not quite dead, Castners dog & yallow dog & my watch, was all 3 at the Ice house in morn Soon when I went for Chips, mine & Castners we found at the Sheep when we went to fetch it home, I Stuck it & it bleed freely it was not dead so, I had gave one [dog] to Thomas Price for fear two pups would do Some Mischeif Ben Shot poor Watch, fine farm dog about 1 year Old, alittle Snow Shower in Night-- I Skind the Lamb & it was fat writeing a letter to John Scott Concerning Griffith Davis Est. afternoon Rees Price here I with him at Yerkuses he has an Arbritation [arbitration] with one Detertee, John Righter John Taylor & George Hansel, it was Left too [to] to Settle they did not agree So Broke up-- I Spent not

6th Wind E & Snowing prety fine in Morn & keep at all day but did not gain above 11/2 I. in the night & all day, the yallow dog here, that help to kill my Sheep we gave him Chase, by the Track, I dare Say 5 Miles & he returnd here after all the Chase & would not goo home If he had any Lippen John Evans, John Pawlin Godfrey & Ben followd on but never Could get near enough to Give him ashot, it abated Snowing in the Evening, at & about home all day Spent pint Bear 6 Cents, at Lippens Shop alittle Jos George their

January 7th 1808 wind I thought W. in morn Clear Sun rise But before noon Clouded from S.E & raind haild & Snowd Felix here to Cut wood, I out with him Ben Halling. Ben at home 2 days back at his Quilting Except Morn & Evening. Raind & haild so that I did not Set off to Aron Johnsons vendue, Rees Price & Jacob Morris here greatest part of afternoon Evening at Mothers She not very well, Raind & haild about 10 OC- at night very Smart. 1 qt whis 20 Cents

8th Wind N. & over Cast very Sliperey Godfrey Castner Pawlin all Paraded Soon with our guns in order to Shute the yellow dog that we Suppose killd or help to kill my Lamb, he has been about this 3 or 4 weeks he was not to be found this Morn tho from appearances he Sleep in the barn-- after breakfast, at Bevans put on Lock Bolts &c & Stayd & Eate Oyster & drank afew Glasses wine then home, Nathan along

9th Wind N W & avery fine day of[f] after breakfast to Jont Jones him & I walk to Judge Jones's Dined their & playd till 8 OC- at night then walk home, Spent 811/4 Cents Borrowd it of J. Jones I pay will pay Some day-- this was our Society day & I was very Loth to goo way fined 1 shilling

10 Wind S W & a most remar[k]able fine day at Meeting after at hoome [home], at Yerkes's Meet L. Young & Spent 121/2 Cents Doct Eaton their but made no Stay--

11th Wind E in morn then S E, read [red] to Sun rise & Stars to be seen when I got up whitefrost & hard froze of[f] to Widow Price's killd 10 hogs weighed 1905 Thomas Price Felix Abraham Cricket & 3 negros & Self mad[e] 7 we got done before 1 OC-

January 11th 1808

after killing meet at Yerkus an arbitration between Rees Price & Deterree they gave it against Price I Spent 121/2 Cents & paid Jont Jones 75 Cent I Borrowd at the Judges So home Got to mist & raind at night, prety Smart at 8 OC-

12th Wind S W. Clear & remarkable warm & pleasant till noon thawd prety much half Shoetop deep, set of[f] afoot to Mothers, at Drakes to Look for Money, then to Jont Jones's him & I off to McKnight the Sherriff Advertised to sell the place to day but Pos[t]poned it, Jones & I home with Hagy drank Coffee their & Several glasses of wine Stay till 8 OC- then off, wind N W & froze so hard as to bare us & made it Clean walking

13 Wind N W & quite a Cold morn froze very hard bear aloaded Wagon Except where it is very Wett, Set off with Tom to Ant. Zells to make a Celler door he gone to town, so we back, I after my Sheep found them in Zell's wood home to dinr. George Grow here to Dinner, Got me to Inspect their asses[s]ment, after at Mothers Cuting up their Hogs Aquila helping finished, Sup & home about 9 OC. wind Right East, & over Cast tho the moon to be Seen at times, I prodict [predict] Snoow [snow] Air very Sharp--

14 Wind E by N & Snowing very Smart near 2 Inches when I got up the greatest appearance of a deep Snow we have had this winter, Snowd allday W[in]d Got to West in Evening & snow a good while from their I think Snow 8 or 9 I. deep much drifted, I at home Posting or Stateing Sibleys acct. & takeing Care of Chattle [cattle] took Poney to be Shod

January 15th 1808 Wind N W & very Cold & Clear, Isaac Price & I put his Mare & Mine in Slay off to Hagy's he along up to Spring Mill Schuylkill froze over Could not Cross, up to Judge Jones dined their & play'd all 4 till 9 OC- I Lost 1s41/2 & gave the negro's 2s4 Hagy & I against Judge & Isaac Took Hagy home & So arivd about 1/2 after 10 OC-

16th Wind S.W. prety Cold Morn & fine day Isaac Price & his sister Sarah my wife & I in Slay to town, I Bout 2yd Cloth 10 Drs. knife & thumblatch 44 Cents, Dinner & Club & Horsler 1.12 Cents at Billy Elliots 3 St[reet]-- Calld at Polly Roberts & drank tea So home

17th Wind S W. not at Meeting I. Price & Robert Moore here he Came out with us Last night at Yerkus's Spent 121/2 Cents home to Dinner after put the horses in Slay & off to Jane Walters, Polly & Sister Becca, J Protzman & Abraham & I up to buck sent aletter to Scott [in] Shippenburgh Spent 121/2. drank tea at Janes So home Tom & boys Slaying

18 Wind S W but avery wet night & remark[able] fog the Snow most all gone Except the drifts no rain after 12 OC- Set off by Hagy's for Norris the Passage open at Harry [Rees Harry's ferry at Spring Mill] for small boat Left our Horses under the Shed & went over, Borrowd 2 horses of Thomas Livzley, of[f] to Norris, Enterd our acct. for Settlement to Sibleys Est Got a Cut of dinner at Jesse Roberts pint of wine & Glass Gin pd 9s for Hagy & Self pint wine at Sheets 25 Cents

January 18th 1808

Pint wine at Savages 25 Cents Horsler 6 Cents So many Taverns & all acquaintances & they so gapeing that one Can Scarsley get away without giveing them all alittle, off for home Got to Livezly, the Ice moved in the boat way Could not get over. Stayd at Thomas Livzley Spring Mill all night he gave us Supper the Ice broke up between 10 & 11 Oc- & drove

19th Wind N W & very Cold & hard froze no Passage at Harry Down the River opposit Got a bataux & attemp[t]ed to Cross but faild had to put back, up to Culps Got Canue & Hagy Paddled it over with Difficulty derect after we Came the back Ice Came down in a great boddy raised the Crick perhaps 3 feet & awonder quantity If had aCrossd Just at the Moment [blot] as It where [were] we Should not Crossthis day Hagy sent the boy for the horses been in the Shed or perhaps to the fence from about 12 yesterday till 12 to day Got Breakfast at Hagy about 12 the first we Eat to day, I paid Hagy 9 Dollars his Share of the Commission for Sibley Est & 1 Dollar he had paid for Advertising in Bradfords paper I Left their about 3 OC- & arivd home about 5 OC- after a disagreeable time [in margin: "Spent 12 1/2 C- at Yerkus with J Jones drank Coffee with Titus"]

January 20th 1808 Wind S by W in morn Sun Shind but Cloudy'd up & Snowd a Smart Shower before 9 OC from near S then blue off before noon & had avery pleasant day, Zells team Morris's & my 2 horses & wagon halling Ice nearly filld the house throwd it in without Brackin, I have in all day hard disagreable work 1 qt whis & 1/2 Gill Gin 25 Cents I sweat very much & Caut a Cold gooing down &c

21st Wind S. & avery Large whitefrost & remarkable fine Clear day till towards Evening, at Mothers bargainen with Black George the turnpike house belonging to Brot Johns Est, then off to Show him trees to Cut in J. Jones new road aCross the head of our Line to the pike, then up with J.J. & dined their home & took horse & down to Alley Roberts Gave him a rece[i]pt for 25s that Benjn Smiths Est owed Jos. Walters Est. in order that they might Settled their adminrs. Viz Esqr Hunter & A Roberts and He request me at the silisitation of Jont Robeson to Goo with him to Morrow to See Hugh Roberts & Read his Will to him Drank tea with them So home about 9 OC--

22nd Wind S & over Cast not froze any of Consequen[ce] a giving thaw day, off to the woods Split out Some white oak for Break [brake] teeth home to Dinner, Alley Roberts here we off to Hugh Roberts he blind perhaps this 2 years I Shook hands with him Ask him If he did not know by me [blot] I Says again dont thee know my voice, after a poise [pause] of perhaps [omission], he says is Jos Price ant [ain't] it

Jany. 22nd 1808

Alley after asmall Poise told him he had brout me up to Read his will to him, that Jont. Robeson had Spoke to him H R. & that He desired it he said he had forgot it If he had he then told him that Thomas George was very Ill & as feable as he was nearly, Eighter [either] he or I ask him if he would which wish to have read Said Yes, I Read it prety Distinctly to him, After ask him If he heard it he Said yes I said I would read it again I Could Read it Better again, but, he sd he heard it, I then ask him If was to his Minde or to wish, he Sd. all but Ruth If had it to make he give Ruth more She had much Troble or had Nurse him so much I then Aske him If he Could not Give her a present now in the Life time, If he had it but he said he did not get much Money now I says the[e] has not much now no he says I have not, I then told him their Could be a Codacil without much Troble, Alley then Sd If it was his desire he would get it done, how much as more he then ask how much he had Left her he ss 80L I would give as much more He ask Who he had Left the residue to I Read them to him, he says She has been a good nurse to him me I told him She had [done] more for him then [than] all his relations, I ask him what he thought his place was worth, he did not know I said 40 dollars [an acre] I sd it [blot] prety good towards Schuylkill, He sd he thought it woul[d] fetch 40 the quarry was valuable or to that effect, He then say I should

will give her 400L She had been So kind to him & he Seem'd to fill up that the tears He Could not Speak I thought the tears was ready to flow Alley then ask him If he me[a]nt 400 with the 80L he had Left her before he said Yase A R then told him he would apply to Scribner to Get it done & he would or Can put them in the proprer [proper] way & it would be the means of Establis[h]ing the other part of Will So we took a farewell He Calld Ruth twice to give us a drink NB when I observd to him it fetch 40 Some time agoo, but it was alittle dull times now but perhaps would soon be over Yes he says their is an imbargoo what is the reason Alley I sd. that some of the democrats Said it was to pleas[e] Boneypart & Alley made some reply's to him He appeard to be perfect Scencible was Sitting up and on Sd of bed, his hearing is astonishing good, Got home about dusk wind E & begun to rain smartly as I arivd Alley Borrowd my Regimental Coat to get John one made Like it

23rd Wind S by W, & been a verry wet night & wettin Showers, all day Like April, warm & frost most all out, Got 6 new teeth for brake afternoon at Charles Bevans Drank tea their So home very Muddy Schuylkill broke up this [omission], it had jamb from the falls to Antoney Levering they Say very Grate fresh not so Large the [this] Several years

24 Wind S W & fine day Little Joseph at Meeting afternoon at home all day fed the Cattle Ben in town & Read a good While

January 25th 1808 Wind N W & Smart white frost of[f] before Sun rise to Help Isaac & Thomas Price to kill hogs Stuck 5 & help to Scald Loyd Jones opene'd Done at 11 OC- after weighed & took down Ish their with 7 or 8 dogs hunted a Rabit Raisd one put him under the Barrack Shufd it out & Run'd him to Thomas's I home

26 wind S W Whitefrost Thomas Price here soon to goo hunting with them keep Ishmal & his dogs all night, I off Loyd Jones & Paul Edwd Isaac & Tom Price, Bill Tunis old Rees Price & Self all Started with Ish & his 7 dogs Raisd a Rabit in our near feild so Calld, one fine Cry & Loyd Shot the Rabit then off to Knox swamp their Shot 11 times for one owl & got it then, on to Rees's Tavern I Spent 25 Cents all I had, Edw P. killd a Larke Round by Poplartown Uncle Rees and I by Whitemans Left them & home they Got 1 Rabit after, so our hole game Consisted of 2 Rabits 1 Owl a lark & Red bird, Dine at & drank some apple [omission] at uncle Rees's & I home, prety fine day

27th Wind S by W & over Cast, at home, at work on Brakes & Step Ladder for John Evans [the] Taylor, Big Ned [Edward Price] her[e] Sent for qt Whis. 20 Cents

Jany 27th 1808

we took a drink & Cut of ham about 12 OC. when Danl.St. Clair Calld in & took drink & Stayd dinner with me, Edw Went to his Fathers, he on (viz St Clear) his way to town, Big Edw here after noon him & I at Jacob Morris's Drank Some Whis With him & Coffee with the old Lady, Stayd till 7 OC- very dark & wet Ever Since noon Rain another thaw, Neighbour Morris very Cleaver, Israel Davis here presst me much to Encorage Hagy to buy his place, he haveing Engagd aplace on Susquehannah near Sunsbury that he is very desirous to goo to, but Cant accomplish without Selling his Little farm here--

28th. Wind N.E. & Snowing very fast raind till after midnight prety fast, the Snow about 1 Inch deep in morn, was great pitty it thawd so much I think the frost agot out about 2 Inches, but it had froze very hard 2 or 3 nights before, If it blows up Cold it maybe Slaying again, I up about 5 OClock keep at it till after noon then Cleard off very fine the Snow about 3 I deep I off with St Clair to Hagys dined their, About a sum of Money Hagy Lent him he wants it Longer I home in Evening very bad Rideing frost out 3 or 4 Inches, I presst Hagy to Buy Israel Davis's place but he declined

January 29th 1808 Wind N W & froze hard & the Roads very hard, I at Mothers Eat Dinner their & drank some whisy. then off to Drakes [blot] He very Ill Sent all the boys [his pupils] Home, Seen her but got no Cash at Bevans Nathan their at Jane Walters so home & Reading Gass's Journal up the Misouri--

30th Wind W. & Got most South fine day Tom took Evans Step Ladder & window Covers 4 of them to Michal I Looking for posts for Evans, & at T Price home to Dinner about home till Evening then at Jont Jones Drank tea their & Got 8 or 10 newspapers home & Sat up till 11 OC Reading--

31st Wind S W & very fine day at Jacob Morris in Morn E & I Price here prevented me gooing to Meeting afternoon Jacob Morris & wife Mary & Self in wagon to Algernon Roberts Spent a very agreeable afternoon, his daughter Lydia a very Charming Scencible Girl we home about dusk--

February 1st 1808 Wind S E & very wet Morning begun about midnight & keep at it till noon very great rain took all the Snow off Tom & I down to T Prices made a troff for watering horses, down at Great house [Rees Price homestead] Big Edwd. their him & I Run hard he Demo I federal I dined with T P & Sup [there]

February 2nd 1808 Wind S W & aremarkable fine day Calm I at T Prices Prices after breakfast Layd out a Step Lad[d]er & Jointed a door, Sent a letter to Drake by N. Lewis for Money, I home at noon big Ned along to Yerkus's Treated with Glass 121/2 Cents Alley Roberts & I of[f] to Hugh Roberts, Read a Codicle [codicil] to his Will that he had directed to be ad[d]ed Leiving Ruth Rawlin 400L instid of the 80L he had Left her in his will, I Shook hands with him & talk to him several word[s] He then ask If it was Jos. Price I answerd in the affirmative He said I thought I knowd thy Voice, I then Read the Codicil Ask him it was as he wishd Sd. yas He ask how it whent after her death, answer to her Childern He approve, I told him he must Leave in trust to Some persons, I Mentioned Wm. Hagy as very Honest good man He sd he was & his Relation Jont Jone[s] he Likewise approvd of him He sd he knowd his Father, I sd. I supposed he knew his Brt Owen he sd he had, I Sd. I Supposed he been Sparking his Ant Betty & Hannah no I sd they where recond very hansom or Betty he sd Yes, But sd No but had often Meet Patty [Jonathan Jones's sister Martha] gooing to Market, he was very Chearfull, Alley told [him] the Scribner Tompson Sd he Better have a Justice as witness & mentioned Curwen he sd it was very well wanted to have it Safe or to that Effect for he did not want any work or quarrel afterwards or nearly those words, I told him I would Call again for to Execute it, when it He sd. the fresh Like to tore away my dam Toms. Price & our Tom Went & drawd the Gate & Lett it

February 3th[rd] 1808 Wind S W all day froze very hard, up soon and at the dam Edw. Isaac & Tom Price their before Tom & Me the Water all Run out but the hole Coverd with a thick Ice Could not See a fish or torkle, but Caught 2 Basket full of Eles [eels] & succors [suckers] in the Meadow Calld at Mothers Edward & I Eat breakfast their then home with my fish, & down to Tommy Prices, hanging door & Step Ladder, & made a gate for Isaac Jame[s] Jones & Edw. George their dealing with Thomas for gooing out in Marriage [marrying out of Meeting] drank tea their with them

4th Wind S & over Cast in Morn & raind Soon but not Much Cleard of[f] wind W & avery fine afternoon. Set off to goo to Bevans meet Jones at pike & went with him to Buck & Elliots, then back to Buck, their Jones, Elliot, Weist Miller & Jim Elliot Got at play, I look on Stayd till 9 OC I Spent 25 Cents, home with J. Jones & got Supper, talk with Martha awhile Struck 11 OC. before I Left their then home, had 3 Lambs this Morn & 1 the begin[n]ing of Jany makes 4, one of them Measurd 17 I over the breast, Ram Lamb--

5th Wind S E & over Cast, Lent Poney to Old Lippens to goo to Jos Carrs near Spring Mill I set off Felix David Roberts, Nathan Lewis their, Bevans wife Brought to bed Yesterday morn & not proper he Should Stay Tom overtook me to Come home to make a Coffin for Barbary Camble, died with Consumption or decay, Her Mother & her took house on the West Chester road Blockley, Got John Evans to help & we got dun about Dark, Small rain at times The Bell Ewe a fine Lamb [in margin: "Snowd fast a little while in Morn"]

February 6 Wind E no frost but Raw & Misty Set off about 7 OC with the Coffin arivd & put her in then walk to Jacob Zells, he keeps Tavern on West Chester road, back & Horatio Jones Spoke alittle while Left their about 11 OC- & interd her at Freinds yard Near her family, Strangers yd home got dinner & down to Yerkus's Meet the Society receivd Orders to make a bookcase 8 feet Long I made an appointment with Elliot to Goo & prove Hugh Roberts Codical [codicil] to his Will prevented by the Burial--

7th Wind E & over Cast & raind afternoon unWell with a Cold & pain in head, afternoon Master & Nathan Lewis & I went Alley Roberts & Stadlemans about the School I Spent 121/2 Cents gave Alley Roberts Nehemiah Evans Deed for 95 Acres his Mother to him

8th Wind E & over Cast But rather Some appearance of Clearing, Set of[f] about 7 OC- for Ant Hanah Smiths Burial Sister Rebecca & Lydia along arivd about 1/2 after 10 OC- they where Just on the Start was Screwd up or they where at it & I did not See her She was my Mothers own Sister & above 80 yrs old, they Say She has 53 Grand Childern & Sam Right say Living & 100 Great Grand Childern he beleives Or thinks interd her at Darby yd. we went home with Saml Gibson dine their, Left their about 3 OC begun to rain & hail & raind very hard when we were 1/2 way then got to Snow & Snowd very fast in Evening most dredful tremendous perditious bad roads [in margin: "was to Call on Esqr Curwen to prove H Roberts will prevented by ants death--"]

9th Wind N W. & Likely to Clear the Snow 3 Inc[hes] deep not any frost yesterday, a Crust on the snow this morn, it is most Tarrable traveling Rees Price & Edw here with them at Morris s, then at Yerkes Spent 25 Cents owed him 121/2 before after dinner Cloudyd up & Snowd very fast from W by S. off with Abraham to Look timber for posts and at widow Warners to See Isaac, paid John Pawlin the 7s 75 Cents for Reaping pd George Streaper 50 for thrashing, Spent 121/2 in darby Burial day

February 10th 1808 Wind, N W & prety Raw Cold Wind tho thawd in mid day in the Sun Side, off about 9 OC- Calld at widow Warners Spent 6 Cents, then off to John Elliots, Dined their & then off to Esqr Curwins paid Gateman No.3 141/2 Cents, he said owd him for the Carriage from Burials he says he dose [does] not Charge for the funeral as it goos with the Corps but take Care to Charge as we goo back I think it is not Right, for it is not partey of Pleasure & profit but a dutie we ow[e] our deceased freinds, from Esqr Curwen to Hugh Roberts & he signd a Codicel to his Will giveing 400L to Ruth Rawlin, Elliot Read it to him Viz the will as well as the Codicil & he said it was Right & that he understood it Elliot Guided his hand & he signd his name I put his finger on Seal he acknowleged his hand & Seal & Last will &c & Esqr ask him he wishd us to Witness & he sd. yas, Mr Curwen ask him how Long he had been Blind he Sd in 1800 which makes 7 yrs. he ask If had weak Eyes Sd no he had wore spe[c]tacles many years, & then his Sight Came too & he Could See well without I ask him he had any pain with the sight gooing no not any, Elliot Curwin ask twice If he was satisfyed with he sd, Yes, I think him perfectly Scencible, tho not so Capable of Conecting Ideas, as in his prim[e] he allowd to be sceancible man, when I went, I ask him if he knowd me he Sd yes, Jos. Price, I interduse'd Curwen he Sd. Remember him I did Elliot by telling him he marrid Patiance Morgans daughter he ask how Margret was, & how is Patience, he Sd he had once Seen Elliot, Coming away they Shook hands before me when I did & bid him farewell he says it is Jos Price I know thy voice

February 11th 1808 Wind. W. froze prety hard tho not so as to bare a horse after breakfast Set off to widow Leech's Othring [orange] tree [tavern] to assist two Brothers Leigh to Exchange Land between their 2 Sisters, Little Barney married one of the Sisters, their Grand father Young Left the Girls 5 Acres & road to goo to it & the boys wanted to give them Land on the South Sd. of Haverford road in Exchange, they agreed to Call John Frailey & Self to give our Opinion, we agreed to recommend that they [the] boys Should Give Each of them 3 Acres & 3/4 in lue [lieu] of the 21/2 Acres they & Some other Little purquisits But I dont know whether they will agree, Dind their then home, & Meet at School, had a great deal of Altercation the Master wants a better Sallerry, we made a Subscribtion viz 8 or 10 Subscribed 2 dors. apeice Chose a Commt to meet onece [once] a month & adjournd to Meet on Seconday the 22nd Stopt at Yerkes & Spent 121/2 Cents with Edw. Price L Young & McClenechan--

12th..Wind S.W. & fine morn, Cloudy & raind heavy Evening at Rees Price in morn home to Dinner after dinner Edw Price & I over at Bevans, & Jane Walters drank tea their home very dark & heavy rain--

13th Wind W over Cast but not froze any bad rideing Set off to Sheet's he [a]long to Hagys he [Hagy] along over to widow Sheets Near Jacob Pauls Mill & we paid her 66 dors. & 67 Cent[s] Sibleys Money walk from Hagys Spent 25 Cents at Snyders & 25 ferriage back to Hagys about 10 OC- took horse & home

14th Wind S W in morn moderate day, at home all day Blue a violent Stormof Snow from W & Lasted perhaps 15 Minutes Coverd the Ground & got very Cold, had ayoung Lamb Colbert & Abraham & Nathan Lewis dined here, I not at Meeting paid John Evans 5 Dollars Got of Bevan

February 15th 1808 Wind N W & froze very hard but not quite bare a horse Where it was very wet Alley Roberts & 4 of Even's [Evans] boy[s] of[f] to Court, about taking their place at Valueation afternoon at Drakes turnpike She paid me 10 Dollars, I up to Jont. Jones, He at Court Drank tea with Ann & Martha Jones, Jont home from Court & I Stayd till near 9 OC very Roff walking & Some Low places broke in prety Cold

16th Wind W. by S towards noon, thawd Cleaver Set off about 8 OC- for Norris arivd about [omission] Hagy had done my Business before I Got their, dinner & Club 6s3 at Sheets 121/2 at Savadges 50 Cents at Harry 31 Cents total 182 Cents 7 Mills So home Stop at R Prices

17th Wind S & foggy and raind prety Smart in fore noon after Clear & as pleasant as May, of[f] about 12 OC- to take Measure of one Hoffmans wife dyed this Morn in Child bed, Child dead also, avery Large Child I measurd it near 9 I over & 22 Long the Mother remarkable fat big woman home Sent for John Evans & fell to work finished about 9 OC at night 5/9 Long Box 21 Inches over Shoulders 11 I at head & 9 [inches] fott [foot] 121/2 at head & 12 at foot deep the widest board I had I fear it is too scant Paid Joe Evans one dollar I owd for salt & Got 1/2 Gallon Whiskey 2s3 paid on day George Streaper 50 Cent for work

February 18th 1808 Wind N W. & a very fine Clear day not any frost this morn blue up prety big after awhile John Evans & I Set off a little after 6 with Coffin & we where alarmb, for She Look as big of as a horse Sweeld [swelled] & purged wonderfull She almost Ready to fall to peices, She Measurd two feet over the Belly viz deep I So Scard that my hand Shook I did not know what in the Name of God to do They Sd I must Make another I sd that was out of the Question, we must put her in & tye the Lid on over with Ropes, old Peter Otts wife sd. so it was when somebody dyed & Kerner made the Coffin & he turnd them out & he probe her I sd I must Serve her So or we never Could get her in, Titus Roberts Widow Betsey & Grany Hall incoraged me, I wanted Grany to do it but She refuse, but says Stay till I get a bucket, I did, then I Cut an Orifice perhaps 11/2 Inc[hes] Long & the [w]hole depth of my knife perhaps 2 Inches, & She blue out much I cut Several other places, Such a Stanch [stench] perhaps never [was] John Evans & the 2 womans Could not Stand it I prest her hard & it did Lower her much, So much that Evans got in good Courage & me in better hopes of fastening the Lid, we then made tryal & got her in the blood gusht out till it run along the floor A terrable seen [scene] I think the worst but one I ever handleed [handled] & I Supose I have assisted at 100, or maybe 200, we put the Child on her Legs, it was a very good Carry. W Stadleman thought it was 300 Wt we Lasht the Coffin with plow Line hard & got safe to Beggerstown Church--

Feby 18th 1808

we got Safe to Beggerstown Church & took her in Church & he preach'd perhaps one hour, the blood Run through the Coffin till it Run or dribbled along the floor, we then interd her, the grave diger Let the fore End down himself I was of the opinion no one man Could held her with Small Rope but he had aline double & did it I Spent 251/2 Cents at Begger[s]town & 121/2 at ferry & Gave John Evans for helping, one Dollar when we Came to the ferry Anderson Charged Some of the Burial people with Stealing his watch Said it was in the Barr he seen it their Just before he Came for first Load & it was he mist it derect after we where gone, I am Sorry to think their was Such a harden wrecth [wretch] in Company, & hope he is mistlayd it & got Sceard Charles Noble vendue to day we not home till 5 OC- therefore too Late to Goo--[to] it

19th Wind S & E & over Cast About home till noon Edw Price & Jarvis here, afternoon E.P. & I over to drakes Got an Order On David Lewis Esqr. Phila. then at Widow Goodmans to Look for Cow, at Jont Jones & Drank tea their Stayd till 8 OC- then home bad walking & Dark--

20th Wind E & Snowing very fast about 4 I deep Capt E. Price Sent up a horse & him Isaac & Self geard up the Slay & Set of[f] to town begun to rain before we got to town bad slaying, arivd about 12 OC I of[f] & got a Check on N A.B [North American Bank] Got the Money & Bout. Sprigs & screws 9s9. Tobacco 4 lb 6s two Little Books 111/4d Dinner & horses 8s1, Isaac Price Or Edw payd not a penney towards the horses & they had 2 Glasses & I never Calld for anay [any] drink nor tasted any but once, Edw the Capt out at Mary Roberts & George Thomson drank 4 or 5 Glasses wine with Esqr Hunter [in margin: " Down with E.P at Fathers high time Left horse & Slay at T.Prices"]

February 21st 1808 Wind S W & had raind hard in night Cleard of[f] in Morn, I up Soon and at T. Prices to Look for my Screws & they where Gone for Isaac over Set us at Hestons & the Capt over Set on Morris's hill Tomy Price Lent me ahorse & off I went found the Screws & Sprigs at Morris hill Rode to Heston 1/2 Jill Gin 6 Cents did [not] finde the Bacco till I Came to Hoffman Shop where Edw & Isaac got out & their I found that, down with Tommy's horse & fetch my mare home Stopt at Yerkus's Gin 6 Cents Jacob Morris Isaac & Tommy Price here in morn Sent for 1 qt whis 1s4 Nathan here afternoon at Isaac Price Nathan along Edw. & Isaac up with us basted them with whisk, Evening the Capt. & Nathan of[f] to See the girls, Isaac here after night I soon to bed

22nd Wind W by S & alarge white frost after breakfast of[f] to Antony Zells begun 2 Gates, dined their then home and Meet at Schoolhouse 7 of us Meet on Business of School after at Thomas Price drank tea their Loyd Jones & the Capt their drank tea their [repeated] & pint Bear at Yerkus's So home,--

23rd Wind N.W hard frost blue up in Night very Could [cold] & high wind, Tom off to Zells before Sun rise I after breakfast, dined their finished Gate about 5 OC-- Capt Edw Price & I drank tea their then home I down at Rees Price's with him back & Calld at T. Prices Ester Jones Paul Jones & wife their Chated awhile so home nothing to drink, the Capt. not Like this I Gess for he is Generous to Excess himself I think, which I beleive has been his great misfortain throughout Life, his he must have a great Mind for I beleive his prosperity or adversity has or makes no Difference on his Spirrets, the Happy Disposition to goo through this Life, provided they are not Reprobates viz hardened--

Wind N E white frost & hard froze bear aloaded wagon, Stuck up the Walnut boards we had thrown down at Last Coffin & put Same in Shop, drawd out Some Acct till noon Tom gone to Bevan with Nathan I at Drakes paid her 33 dollars & ow[e] her 1..17 I Could not Make Change, She gave me an order on David Lewis Esqr Phila for 96..17 Cents drew it Drake owd me 62 dolrs. & Should gave her 34..17 But I gave her 33 Wind Got most S. & not so Could [cold] at Bevans aWhile & at Mothers, home about dark Recd anote from J.Jones to Come to Rees's to Eate Oysters but too Late did not goo--

25th Wind N W overCast & has snowd so as to Cover the Roofs up soon Tom off to Bevans, I off at Tom Prices, Enoch Price their from Richmon[d], been down all winter, I on to Jont Jones Judg Jones & wife their, Citizen Jones made me Stay dinner, Sent a Note for Capt E. Price & he Came, after I up to John Gygers paid him 5 Dolrs. for Smith the Sadler & gave him my acct his Brts. Coffin back to buck J. Jones & the Capt. their I spent 6 Cents, they playd alittle for drink I touch not, home about 10 OC--home heard of Tommy George's death to day about 10 OC-- a Rich Bachalor no Childe Peggy Penneger keep house for him 22 yrs a great Market Girl they say She say She has made him 500L pr year [in margin: "Snow Shower from N W & got very Could"]

February 26th 1808 Wind N W & very Cold the pump froze So hard the water flue out of the top, not been so [cold] this winter as I seen, up & Set off at 6 OC- to T. Georges Dwelling, their before sun rise Eat breakfast their, & waited till 10 OC- for Edw & Jos George took Measure for a Coffin, of[f] for home Spent 6 Cents at W.S.[William Stadleman's] arivd home at 12 OC John Evans had got out head & foot, we Layd to work, got sides too & Cut out the Top, a young man the name of Scot, asisters Son of Griffee Daveys he Stayd all night wind Got Cold Clear day, Spent 121/2 Cents for Bear

27th Wind W by S & over Cast nearly all day Clouds Like Snow but wind bares to South potterd at Coffin till 3 OC- finishd & took it down, John Evans along put him in Coffin & Screw the hind part down drank tea their & so home about dusk 1 qt whis 20 Cents Spent 2 days at this Coffin Evening wind got West & Star Light

28th Wind S.W. & been Lite snow shower in Night & Large Whitefrost, up Soon fed & geard up & Set off about 1/2 after 8 OC- arivd their about 9 OC movd at 10 OC- & inter him at 11 OC- had a fine good meeting Jesse Hersey gave a good Sermon a great Concourse of people avery Large funeral, he was about [blot- 77?] years old Joseph Davis & Several others Dined here Wilson wife Castner & wife Spent the afternoon here Jesse Hersey made me feel great Condemnation at by his Sermon made the tears to flow plentifully

February 29th 1808 Wind S W foggy or Smokey warm day Like Spring, Ben away all day, & Tom with Lewis, I at John Evans helping them to Lay out their place in 3 Lotts dined their I home afternight, antoney Levering's son John was the Surveyor, Evan[s] very Ill the Doct their, & Came away with me; make a bad out no Corners, & Lines not holding out--

March 1st Wind S Smokey morning no frost warm up soon feed hogs horses &c John Evans hear I with him finished the Lotts & I back to Dinner then off to Mothers Wm Smith along Paul Jones overtook us him & I at Jane Walters, Paul Bout her Mare 42.50 Cents, he Bout 25 lb flax of Abraham at 1s1 per lb we drank tea their So home fine day

2nd Wind N. white frost & Ice Cold in morn but fine day John Evans & I off to Norristown two Sibleys & F Sheets along, Dinner at Savadges & horse Evans pd my dinner & I paid horse 25 C- I paid 20 Cents for aletter from Robert Holland I paid 6 Cents at Jos. Evans & 121/2 Cents at ferry paid 25 at Yerkus's I had his Little Mare

3rd Wind S W. & whitefrost fine day Cuting Logs till noon Sent Ben with wood to old Harrys afternoon & he fetch 20 of boards & paid 5 Do afternoon at Evans Sale of 3 Lotts one sold for 77 drs per one 55 drs. per & one 53 drs So he Cleard 10 Acres It was valued at 53 dolrs per acre

March the 4th 1808 Wind S W foggy & Large whitefrost froze to Every thing almost, Ben on the roads I about home till near noon then of[f] to Fornance about R Holland rent then up to Jont Jones to See Owen Rundle & wife their they off before Dinner I Stayd & dined, then home & fed all the Chattle & Hogs wrote a letter to R Holland Spent 51/2, At Kuglars to See Weist Companey

5th Wind W. froze Some & prety Raw Set off to town ababout [about] 7 OC-, arivd about 10 OC- Bought Smoothing plain 8s6 & Quarter Mutton 17 lb 81 Cents 3 knives 73 Cents, at Elliots 50 Cents at B. horse 6 Cents Got a hatt at R. Georges on trust 6 Dollars, ferry 4 Cents, pike 3 Cents, Meet the Society Spent 6 Cents so home about 8 OC- Ben plowd potatoe peice for flax--

6ht Wind, W. & afineday not at Meeting tho Colder in Evening, at Jim Reads & Felix Washers to get them to quarry Ben in town I fed horses hogs &c--

7th Wind N W & froze the Ground Hard, I fed & got Breakfast Nathan & Tom off & I to Shingle Jane Prices Carthouse, I home after dinner & meet at School A Roberts Loyd Jones Yerkus & Self & McClenechan I Spent 121/2 Cents- Ben Came home about 9 OC afternoon he plowing the Pompkin patch

8th Wind S & very fine morn Jim Read here to dig stone we begun in Quarry by Lippens Shop then off in Morris s feild & in my meadow, very bad appearance Got rain about 12 OC- it wet so much So made but 1/2 day, I at Rees Prices to Look for Sledge so home & fed &c

9th- Wind W a large whitefrost, Clear & remarkable pleasant, Read & I geting Stone, our Coats off Evening I at Fornances & Washers

March the 10th 1808 Wind S. & over Cast raind about noon Jim Read & Abraham & Self off to Jacob Morris s or Calld Evans quarry work all day Chi[e]fly Shoveling got out about 5 perch Stone Raind prety smart in night

11th Wind N W & very high & Cold disagreeable day, Felix & Jim Read & Self of[f] to Quarry, they agreed to take by perch at 20 Cents, I to Give them 2 Gallons whiskey, & board them for 20 Cents per day, I afternoon went to See Michal & paid him 3 Dollars, on acct. He very Ill home & fed &c.--

12th Wind N W & very hard frost, Felix Jim & Sam Gill all 3 at quarry I about home till noon then at Kuglars Sibleys Settleing their Est. Eliot Jont Jones & Jacob Morris the Oditors I had to attend as administrator Spent not home in Evening

13th Wind S.W. & Large whitefrost & a very fine day, at the Quarry in Morn, not at Meeting Saml. Gibson here to dinner, I at Mothers She very Sick Looks bad, I much discouraged being poor & gooing to Build a barn & not 1 penny in purse, but I Cant do with out a barn--

14th Wind N W. & fine day at Mothers a little after day home & about house till noon, after at Mothers all the Neighbourhood, gone to town to See two negroes Hung for killing a Old Woman one of them they say was very penetent the other harden at Mothers She Continues Ill I was up to Look Doct. Not to be had Raind alittle about noon & Spit Snow in afternoon

March 15th 1808 Wind N W. prety Cool morn & snow Shower in Night from W Coverd the Ground all over Set Off about [omission] OClock by Mothers She no better on to Fornance's he paid me 30 Dollars Rent for Robert Holland, I gave him a Rect with a promis[e] to Send it on to Boston, arivd in town John Wilson Got me Branch Notes, & Seald them in a letter I wrote the 4th of March & put it in the Post Office, I Run all day with Francis Lee & old Hughes to Get 158L Bond of Rebecca's paid off But all a Blank wanted me to give up our Morgage & take one on a 3 Storry Brick house of Musgrove But I declind Changing Securities Dinner horse & 1 Jill wine 3 half Jill Gin 75 Cents, fer[r]y & pike 10 cents Struck hard at 1 Dolr fine day & snow all gone before night

16th W S E in Morn & over Cast prety Moderate at Mothers prety soon home & fed, Washer Read & Gill at Stones, I Ill with a Cold Eat no breakfast Edw Price here for horse to goo to town the Under Sherreff Benjamin here & took the Captain prisoner for a debt of 1000 Dolrs at the Sute of Leadoms, old acct when he Livd in town, I went for his father but he would not Come, and I had to Goo his bail for his Appearance at Norristown on the 16 of May in two thousand dollars Bond afternoon at or to See Mother no alteration I think after at or to See Michal Echolt he very Low not Last but a few days I think, Come up Just as I got their a great gust of wind & rain then with thunder & Lighten[ing] & keep weting till after night agreed with Joe Evans for his Stone for 4 Dollars

March 17th 1808 Wind, West, at Mothers in Morning down to See Mother She Seemd much all one, I home, Fed &c afternoon at Michal & at Thomas Georges Vendue, alittle While Sent for Me Michal was dying their awhile then home Foddered the Createars & at Mothers, She was rather worse in Evening, But Seem rather Better & was very Chearfull agreeable & Sencible told me I must add Somthing to that her Will, Viz She would Leave Lid [Lydia] 40 Dolrs Said Rebecca would not Look at it or read it I told her I would take it home & Coppy it, She I do not what to that purpose [I do not know to what purpose?] was worse in Evening but Seem now better or something But or som Say thee Come down Soon in Morn so I home & Coppyed it

18th Wind-- Sent for me about 5 O'C- I down & m to my surprise She was no more, I in much destress Stophel Lintz. their after me make a Coffin for his wifes Mother Got Henry & John Evans & they Joind it, finished before night & Henry & I took it up, Left Poney & the Wagon for them to take her to Oxford Church above frankford, about 15 Miles So home & at Mothers, Rebecca very much deprest John Protzman & Edw. Price Sat up over the Corps, I back

19th Wind E & over Cast & raind before night. I backwards & forwards all day, John Evans & Henry makeing Mothers Coffin, John Evans Master & Colbert took it I along Henry over Schuylkill I Stayd till 9 or 10 OC- Mary Tunis & John Colbert Sat up with the Corps, the Last in this Life

20th Wind N E & wet morning been a wet night I Great Concern about the Wagon Lintz not sent it home; Got Godfrey to Look for it & he sent them on with it, so they Got it before we Started we interd her about 11 OC- & had a Silent Meeting prety Great Concourse of people a good many dined their I home in Evening kitch [catch] in a thundergust from W, much Lightening & thunder tho not Such hard rain-- [in margin: "payd Reed five dollars yester day for quarrying"]

March 21st 1808 wind N W & Cool brease but avery fine day Felex [Felix] Reed & Gill put up Garden fence, & one Round the barn yd. & Sawdown a Large Oak in Orchard woods, John Evans & Henry made a Coffin for Michal Echolt & took it down I not well pottering about J. Jones McClenechan & Capt. Edw. Price Spent good part of the afternoon here, Jane Price had 7 or 8 Sheep kill with dogs & the hole flock Except one wounded which was 17 but not a lamb hurt, Jane's dog T Prices's Wm Tunis Coulters & Rees Price's dogs was Seen & they kill all 5 so their was great havock on both sides, I Paid Bridson widows boy 2 Dollars & Widow Warner $1..50 for whiskey Gravel had when they dug well at Drakes, So my money most Expended--

23rd. Wind, S.W. & a fine day, at home all Weist 3 G- Whiskey, 1..50 Cents & at Jane Walters Got 5 B Indian Corn at 50 Cents per, Isaac Price halld, 12 Loads of Stone from Evans quy for my a barn I propose to build [in margin: "22nd wind S fine day down about (omission) with wagon & took Michal to dutch Church & buried him & Minister preached a good sermon"]

24 Wind S W & Smart rain, by Showers till noon I about home all day makeing Swingletree at the widows to See how they where [were] drank tea their & home Rebecca very Cleaver

25 Wind N W. & fine Clear day Thomas Price hall 13 Loads for my barn about 18 perch I beleive

26 wind N W. & ground froze prety Smart Thomas hal[l]d 12 Loads Say 15 perch Stone Scot from Shippensburgh here all night, I begun a Coffin for Hugh Roberts a bachelor 87 years old or near it Could get nobody to help me till noon then got Tom Henry Came after we had the Lid fited

March 27th 1808 Wind S and a soft morning & few drops of rain about sun rise, & alittle Shower about noon & in the afternoon, I Geard up & Started about 7 OClock with the Coffin, arivd their about 8 OC- put him in & Started about 10 O'C- & arivd alittle after 11 OC- & interd him next to Thomas Roberts in Freinds Yd. Merion, a great number of people a long funeral, I not at Meeting afternoon at Jane Price & my 3 boys, Soon back & fed horses & Cows, Starlight Ketch 3 Shad at Righters the 23rd & 2 the 24 they Say; shad tode [toad] Crying; 24th I think it was; They had Large meeting Hannah Fisher Preach'd Some to day Castner Spent the Evening

28th.. Wind N W very High & Raw, Felix & Gill at quarry I with Ellis & the parties Running Round Evan's Land; Dined at Evan's home in Evening at Yerkus's Morris men ketch 3 Shad to day

29th Wind N W in Morn & hard frost Ground froze till 10 OC- J. Robeson here for Hugh Roberts Will, & to Get me to appraise, Jervis [Jarvis] here to breakfast, I after breakfast at Antoney Zells hung 2 Gates that we made Some time agoo-- about 3/4 of day home & at David Roberts for my Log Carriage Got out sd. gate & both sd. Shafest [shafts] broke down, had to Leave it at Jane Price's Rebecca Gave me 1.50 to pay Castner for Mothers Grave home & Cast up John Roberts Road Book, Little Mary very Ill [JP's daughter born in June 1807]--

30th Wind S Cloudy & rain at 4 OC- Mary So bad we Got up & Soked her feet & gave her Enion [onion] Surrup & She seemd to rest better I with Alley Roberts Praising Hugh Roberts Effects back in Evening Little Mary Exstreamly Ill with Hives sent for the Doctor & he releavd her in 2 hours

March 31st 1808 Wind S by E Morn & over Cast, about 12 OC- Sun Shind & Clear & very warm about 5 OC- wind Got E by N. & very Raw & Cold, & raind & haild a Little Sent Felix [with] my horses to Bowmans Got his Wagon & he took it to David Latchs He Moveing Doct Morris place Marple, when they Came by I got in & drove my horses to the [omission] & Felix went to Quarrying, their was 7 wagon 6 Carts & 2 Carriages, it was a very Roof road Got their about 3 OC- & Started for home at 5 Got home about 7 OC- the Child much Better

April 1st 1808 wind N W & Cool morn fine day, Lent Titus Yerkes wagon & 2 Mares to goo to town, George & I Carried all the old Barn floor planks away, I with Jacob Morris & R Price to Seize on Butlers property for rent, at Ashtons Haverford, they Settled, By Ashton & Butler Giveing a note for 30L payable in ten days & a note payable in 4 Months for 20L So home, I by J. Jones & O. Jones neither of them at home Felix & Gill at quarry

2nd Wind E. in morn Got to S.W. & very fine day, Isaac Price halling Stone, I hunting up Robeson papers Meet Torbert & Sheets & A Roberts, Sheets Gave us his note for 56 D Meet the Society, had a lecter from Society about their Book Case, McClenechan Weist, Jarret, Krickbaum Settleing Township acct. they meet before dinner had dinner & Supper they had a great time, Spent 121/2 Cents Borrowd of Capt. E. Price I will pay again

3rd Wind W & fine Cool morn & very fine day at Meeting Wm Ashbey preached agood Stick for us afternoon at Jont. Jones, Drank tea their So home

4th Wind S W. & avery fine Morn J. Jones & I Set off at 1/2 after 7 OC- for Willow Grove Old York Road, today to Lay out a Road, under a perticular Act of the Legislator 12 of us Pawlin, Paster, Jn. Jones, Job Roberts J. Pugh Weaver St Clair Hahn, Crawford, Humphreys Cad Evans & Isc. Price 9 of us Reported a road the other 3 Rebeld, the

5 Wind N E & rainney morn, till noon then fine day Bout. 1/2 B. Cloverseed, 3..50, Sowd 1 peck in Orchard took a Cart Load trees & planted at pike Abraham & Felix help I at Jane Walters

April 6th 1808 Wind N W fine Clear Cool day, Thomas Price halld 4 Loads 5 Logs to Lobbs Sawmill I up with him one Load, Abraham helping to [blot]

7th Wind. S W a little Shower about day Thomas Price halld 3 Loads 7 Logs to Mill, Abram. Cuting Logs Scaffelpoles &c, I up to Mill Got my blind halter that I had Lent McClenechan Felix & Gill at Stone

8 Wind N. & Raw day tho Clear of[f] with Alley Roberts, to Norris town & provd Hugh Roberts's Will, Dined their Roberts payd, for my dinner; I got they got to play I Lost 1 Dolr home by the Buck Stayd their agood while--

9th Wind N E & Snowing very fast till it Coverd the ground on the feilds, my head & Cold worse, it Snowd till near Night very fast. I dare say If it had Layd it would been near one foot deep, Saml Gibson here about Mothers affects, I at Jane Walters whether So bad She would not turn out, dined at Widows Gibson home & about home after--

10th Wind N W Cold & froze prety hard Clear day not at Meeting Ned Price & I at Whitemans & Goodmans about Owen Jones Cowhouse the horse Choaked twice & fell had a great time I drank tea at Rees Price's So home

11th Wind N E & E & begun to rain about 7 OC and a remarkable rainey day, till about sun Set wind then got to South & quit, John Evans & I at Charles Bevans for tools dined at Jane Walters, I about house all the afternoon--

12th Wind S W & very Spring Like Morn frogs & birds very Chearfull, I depresst from the Multiplicity of Engagements, I up of with John Evans to O. Jones him & Casper Goodman begun their Cow Stable I home to Dinner after Rees Price & Jacob Morris Praising Mothers affects

13th Wind S W & fine day up to Norris town Gibson took a letter of Admnr.

[There is a gap in the diary at this point, perhaps due to the "Multiplicity of Engagements." He resumes writing on May 30th.]

June May the 30th 1808 Wind S W & fine day, Raisd the Rafters of the Barn 3 Gallons Whis & 1 of Brandy

31. W. I no not. Mason at Gables I Wheeling Stone Colbert halling Jane Walters horse to day Viz Stone Morris feild

June 1st. Wind -- fine day the Masons finish'd Abraham & old Dick here Colbert halld Stone till noon then diging grave for Levi Lukens Child

2 W-- I about I out home,--

3 Wind S W & very warm went in the Chair with Yerkus to town to Get Shingles & Nails, went up the Ridg Road, the Greates[t] Garden I Ever Seen

4th Wind I forgot at home warm day

5 at home being first day not at Meeting

6 wind S W & very warm, Borrowd Yerkus horse & at McIlvains & agreed for Shingles at 19 Dolrs per 1000 & paid 70 Dollars

7 Wind & over Cast at Owen Jones Shingleing

8. W. but over Cast About home

9th William & I with Old Dick & Poney in Wagon for Shingles Got 600 of boards & I begun to Lath--

10 John Evans Henry Whiteman & Lippens & Self Lathing & begun to Shingle William halld 1500 with Dick & Poney viz Shingles

June 11th 1808 Wind W and foggy morn & over Cast Got Isaac Prices old Dick & Poney Geard up & Set off about 2 OC- went to ferry & Loaded up 1300 Shingles & was back before 7 OC- Ishmal was along Lippens John Evans Henry & Self finished Shingleing my Barn, Drink near 2 Gallons Whiskey--

12th Wind-- & rain at home all day being first, Except at Meeting

13th Wind S.W. Casper Goodman here Boarding over the Door & working spouts I off on a road Jury at Saml Powels from End of County Line to a road from Gulph Mill Spent 15 Cents

14th Wind S at work at Spouts all day dull hay whether Cloudy

15 Wind keeps to E & dull rain at work at Spouts

16 Wind old Co[u]rse Got the Spouts ready to put up Planted pumkins

17 Wind E & no hay day Wilm & George hall'd dung in pumpkin patch & planted Corn & beens 3 Masons here dashing the Barn Got 10 lb of Spout Irons & put them up Rain several times

June 18th 1808 Wind S E & over Cast Several Showers through the day the Masons nearly finish dashing the barn Lime all out

19th Wind old Course & rain at times not at Meeting, Set off about 8 OC- to the Gulph to Mark Brooke's Burial, a son of Benjammans, a young man Been in a decay perhaps this 2 years Left awife & 2 young Childern when they Started to the Sweed's Church to inter him I Set off for home got back about 12 OC- my Mare home Spent 51/2d at Torrences

20th Wind S.& S E two Masons here Building a wall to Get on Barn floor, Edw Price & I Set of[f] about 12 OC- for Norris town in order to enter Special Bail & I to get our Bourers, Spent 311/2 Cents back about 1 OC- Doct Hydrick & Hagy along ["Bourers" are tools for drilling.]

21st. Wind E by S bad time for hay I at work at Barn doors, Spent 18 Cents with Mac

22 Wind S W. amost, Broke of[f] about 11 or 12 OC- & dispelld the mist all hand[s] at hay that was Cut, Wilm. George & Self afternoon at Jane Walters helping her with hay Got 5 Loads in, I was at Whitemans to See If Casper was at work

23 Wind W. & very pleasing morn Clear but about 4 OC- Came up a thunder gust a most violent Shower of Rain & wind work at barndoors

June 24rd.[th] 1808 wind W by N & very fine day for hay I hewing Sleepers for back Door at David Roberts to Look for Mowers Mist them, moon Chaing to day

25th Wind S W a very fine hay day I at work the barn to day till noon then of[f] to Jane Walters to help alittle with the hay they got all in that was Dry & all mowd at home, Abraham had work like a horse to day I beleive he has Mowd near 2 acres by a little after dinner Cock much & halld 3 Loads in--

26th Wind S. W & a very fine Morning Clear fine hay day Several people at work halling &c tho it is first day, I at Morris's in morn after at Meeting at home all day after

27th Wind S W been a warm night & warm day I finishd my Bridge back sd barn, Negro man James, that I made Coffin for his Child begun to Mow in the Timothy Bottom Abraham help him awhile then he went to help Abraham we spread none to day did not meadle [meddle] with it

28th Wind S.W & fine hay day on the hole a few drops about 9 OC- fine day after Spread out all that was mowd yesterday Jim help Abraham till 12 OC- then they both mowd for me we Cock up all that was mowd yesterday

29 Wind S W & a very warm Clear day Got 3 Loads in Colbert Titwiler & Jim Mowing all day we Rake all up that was mowd yesterday & hall 2 Loads in I got very unwell tho I drank wiskey & water Several time[s], I was wore down with Rakeing in hot Sun almost

June the 30 Wind old Course & very hot Spread out much to day, Colbert & Jim Mowing till 5 OC- & not finish'd took them off & made them Cock all up it thundered to N.W. I drink noo [no] Whiskey very Langed [languid] not well

July 1st. Wind W & Cool morn but warm day knock about the hay & halld in 12 Loads they finish'd mowing before breakfast; then Joind halling & Racke & Cock the hole I wearied much that I Could Scarcely walk I am so goulded [galled] we quit before sunset Colbert pitch & Jim Loaded I Racke after, William Managed the remainder

2nd. Wind S. by W. & a warm Morn. hall in one Load before Breakfast, hall 3 More by 10 OC- being the Last total No. of Loads is 21 Load, the after hung my Back Barn door & Meet the Society over Rum 8 Cent Alley Paid for me Come on a thundergust much thunder but not near, nor but Little rain, tho very hard about 3 Miles to the North of us, I drink Some porter & water no Speirrets I took out Memors of Phia A.[gricultural] Soc[iety]

3rd Wind W. & Cloudy in Morn but Cleard of[f] warm at J. Morris in Morn, after breakfast at Dam & took a swim I feel much Stouter not at Meeting, at Yerkus's tho not in the house N. Lewis treated 1/2 pint wine Cloudyed up in Evening & a shower but very Little of it here went to N.--

4th Wind S & over Cast, this the Aniversity of America Independencey, a drunken day and a great Loss to the Community all Classes think they must play & frolick away I at home, all day made a plow to a little Sheare Godfry alterd for me & Spent not raind and Showerd one Smart--

July the 5th 1808 wind S.W. and & [repeated] Cloudy in Morn then Cleard nearly but afternoon Cloudy & Several Sprinkles of rain, I plowing the Corn with my new plough, Wm Could not make out with it so I had to run 1st furrow Sibley Rudy [Rudolph Sibley] Reap his Rye to day 5 hands

6th Wind N W Cool Clear Morning Jacob Morris Reaping to day I down & help to Shock Reap Some too part of Several throughs had 16 hands made good days work John Evans Lead them Reap about 300 doz. I dined & Sup their

7th Wind S W. & fine day up soon ketch Poney & finished Run[n]ing furrows Round the Corn by Breakfast William went to Mill with 41/2 B Rye & 11/2 B Wheat all my Last years Crop at the Widows A little while Spent 51/2 I pottering about the Barn, Jacob Morris 8 hands Reaping to day I suppose he gets done, but I supposed wrong for he has Left as much as 3 or 4 Will Reap in day I at Morris in Evening Eat Suppper their

8th Wind N & fine Cool morning So much So that I Sat by the fire & it was very pleasant went over to Joe & Evan Evans they Reaping the Crop Bout. of Noble very good wheat had 12 Reapers & one Cradleer, help to Shock up about 100 doz. & then run to Jane Walters, She Reaping 7 hands wind blowd from most N E the Leaves turnd up much & it begun to rain about 2 OC we Reap till about 4 OC then Come on to[o] heavy Rain fast and all night about 2 OC very hard

July 9th 1808 Wind N E. high Like September almost raining prety much at 5 Oc I got a new pair Boots of Finance [Fornance] to Give him 11/4 Cord Hickory wood for them at his door this is my appointed day for Reaping 12 hands promisd this will derainge us much for I do not know when I Shall Come in again all the days is taken up for near august Raind till near 11 O'Clock, 5 or 6 Reapers Come the Wind Got to S Laid a Glass Gin that it would Clear & the [sun] broke out before 12 O'C- we begun about 11 OC- to Reap Raisd about 7 Got dinner & we Raisd 11 & 12 when I Reap myself Down with the orchard & over to the wheat Cut it down 55 doz & 24 Doz Rye all we have Left half the orchard not ty'd made them plenty of mink [milk] Punch & they sung a song or two & broke up about 10 OC

10th Wind N E or nearly E over Cast most all day after Breakfast Jon[a]than Jones & I went to See James Jones, Hes had a stroke of Polsey Lost the use of his Left Side, His Mind Seems to be much impaird, went home with Jonathan up the Haverford Road Dined with Jones, the Judge & family Came their Spent the afternoon took Coffee & then home Master; William & Robt. Holland tyd up the Rye we Left untyd yesterday 24 or 25 Doz Raind bow [rainbow] in Evening & Red to Sunset

11th Wind S E been a show[er] in Night thunder in morn & a light Rain A Zell & Prices Reaping day weather has a unfavourable appearance, I am fearfull will [be a] troblesome time

July 11th 1808

after breakfast went to Prices & Reap all day a very good Strong Wheat they halld it in as we reap it fine afternoon & no Rain I have not Re[a]p so much in one day a Good while Evening Looks favourable, Wind W. took & Calld at Tom Price Loyd Jones their home 10 OC

12th Wind W & fine cool Clear Morning William & I hall 57 doz wheat & 24 doz Rye far feild No4. & 25 doz Rye old orchard, & Quit alittle fore night

13th-Wind S.W fine Morn Willm. & I halld in 33 doz old Orchard being our Last then I off to Rees Price's help to Reap & at the Widows in afternoon Raind about 5 OC- Rees's Got dun & all in Just as the Rain Come on-- the rain prevented them going to Jane Prices I Stayd & drank tea at Thomas Prices

14th Wind E till near noon then got to S W & had a fine after noon I at Tommy Price's him Isaac & Self of[f] to Jane Prices & Reap from about 9 OC. till 5 OC when we finished, McVaugh Arch Jo[blot] two Goodmans black Jim & us 3 made 9 Reap all the Wheat in Meadow, & Black Will & old William, halld in as we reap, 2 boys from Rees Price's & Ben & Rees & George made 5 of them

July 15th 1808 Wind S W. & fine Clear warm day Set of[f] about 10 OC- with John Protzman [Schoolmaster] in my Light wagon took his Chest to Croffords Store near Norris town & their Got the Bourers, & paid 1 dollar to the man that halld them to Croffords then Come over Sweedsford to bird in hand Spent 11 Cents Master paid ferriage & all Expences before Spent 51/2 at Yerkus's So home about Sun Set Jane Price halld all her Grain in to day

16th Wind S W & a fine day I much destresst in Mind & frame disorderd I Cant work, at the widows & at Yerkus' Spent 51/2, after noon at Levering paid him 11 drs 50. for two Cord wood delivered to S[c]hool Meet with Evan Evans & John & Preist at Yerkus's drank Some punch & gin with them Later

17th Wind S by W. & will be a warm day at Meeting had a small preach by a woman afternoon at Jacob Morris awhile he not at home, I Back at Yerkus a little while Evening very warm day have not Seen Such a hard day on horses this Season I think Come on a thundergust about 6 OC- & Cool the air much but not very much rain arriveing to Mellow ground

18th Wind S.W. & a warm day tho not Equal to yesterday Sow plaster in Meadow & Little in orchard then with an Inglishman name of Hawo[r]th to try to Make a School at Alley Roberts, Stadlemans home to Dinner then out again Loyd Jones &c home Spent 28 Cents to day, my minde Some what releivd

July 19th 1808-- Wind N. in Morn & the air much pleasanter, I of[f] to Jacob Morris he would not send any to School this 1/4 back to Breakfast this my Bearth day 55 years in this Country & in a poor way as the things of this world & I fear of the next often do I resolve to Mend, but Still Continue I fear in the Broad way, A man Should begin youn[g], old habits are Lasting. those hav that have attend to the inward instructor in their youthfull days (that appeared to all men) have made the Greatest progress, I ploughd Some in pumpkin peace, & then of[f] to McClenechans, meet the new Master their to Wallovers Righters, Cochrons, Grows Paul Jones, Dined their, Detwilers Evans's so home, at Rees Prices, Big Ned up & a young Woman with him he pertend he is gooing to Marry, Drank tea, then up to Thomas Price So home Spent not

July 20th Wind E & begun to rain about day Butifull rain till 8 OC- tho the Sun appeard at Raising it was Rather dull the Master Came down about noon Borrowd Yerkus's Colt & went with Owen Jones to Anthoney Levering Back & Spent 51/2 at Yerkus's

21st Wind S & foggy Sowd the old orchard Rye Stuble with plaster & No4 also Stuble Jacob finished harrowing buck Wheat Found the old Sow with 12 pigs Caspher Goodman half a day plaining boards for Barndoor

22nd Wind & Rain in Morn Goodman Not Come I Begun in the afternoon to Nail up the Barndoors forenoon plowd the potatoes pumpkins &c

July 23 1808 Wind S by E begun Soon at barn doors hot Clear but two Showers one about 10 OC- & another about 2 OC- Owen Jones, Came & Spoke a Coffin for Martain Richards his old Gardner, Caspher & I begun about 10 OC- got the sdd. Naild on then we went to Eat Beef Stake & Cat fish in Morris Meadow, overstayd, back about 4 OC- & dash hard & Got it [the coffin] finish'd by day Light, or without a Candle, & we took it to Jones's & put him in & back About 10 OC- their was but 15 at our harvest Celebration Cost 75 Cents per Man-

24 Wind W. fine Cool morn But got very warm about 11 OC- I of[f] to funeral interd him dutch Church I back & dined with Jont. Jones, after him & Owen walk to Yerkus, I was interduced to one Joseph Price hatter Phia has his wife boarding at Yerkus, I home to tea--

25th Wind S by W. pleasant morn but warm in day at barn door till noon then at Whitemans Caspher at work, and at Owen Jones drank a little Brandy, then at Drakes & Jane Walters drank tea So home Drake Confined to his Bed, poor State of health

26th Wind W. at Work at barn doors, about 10 OC- Tom Robeson Came over for Me that drake was dead, I took horse & rode hard their; & he was dead. He was brave in Morn or as well as had been, Sat up in bed He observd it was very warm out He thought & fell back & died without a strugel I Got Balor & help to Lay him out, then Got Henry & John Evan's & Layd to & made the Coffin about 10 OC- & took it over & put him in back about 12 OC

July 27th 1808 Wind W & fine Cool day Set of[f] to Drakes Started about 10 OC- for Radnor Church and interd him their, Spent 6 Cents home about 5 OC- he has Left a wife & 9 Childern

27th [28th] Wind S W. over Cast in part about home till noon then at Whitemans hanging Cart houses door, & Drank tea at Jont Jones home about 10 OC--

28th.[29th] Wind S E & Rain in Morn Light at Widow Drakes Felix & I sawd part of White Oak down the saw so dull we gave it out Dull over Cast but not much rain till Evening then prety Smart Showers

29-[30th] Wind E in Morn & been wet night & Smart rain till 7 OC- then got to west & was a fine day, I off to town Bout 28 f Mehoganey boards 28s- Sprigs 6s- Glass paper 1s- butt hinges 5s6- 1 doz, ferry 2s4. Gin & Cakes 1s41/2 pike 9d- home about 11 OC- John Evans & I at work hard & finished the Coffin about 6 OC- & [took] it down & put him [in] Carried on our Shoulders Colbert helps us 2 qts whis 2s4 to day [in margin: "(coffin for) Claphamson Claphamson had Long Complaining Gravel or bleeding at his pennes"]

30th [31st] Wind N W. & fine Cool Morn & day it was so Cool that, Fornees [Fornance] observd it was to[o] Cool to Sit in the Shade while we where [were] Siting in the Summerhouse at Claphamsons, & we got out I geard up & set off about 8 OC- to attend Claphamsons funeral, & we Started about 10 O'C- & buried him in freinds yard Merion I did not Stay Meeting but Came home Edw Price here Enoch Jones fetch me a fine pup of a fine breed

August 1st 1808-- Wind W & fine day Set off with Isaac Price home to his house Meet George Helembolds boy at Meeting & wanted a Coffin for his Master I back, Got John Evans & we begun about 7 OC- & finish about 5 OC- we have hard Roff board takes much Labour we made him a very good hung Lid walnut Coffin We got a dis[h] of tea John Tom Evans & Self Set off & Carried it home & put him in had to wait till Late for the winding Sheet, then home about 10 Oc- Spent 6 Cents

2nd Wind S W. & a warm Clear day rather warm Set of[f] 1/2 after 8 to funeral & I Carried old George to the dutch Church where we Deposited him for Safe keeping, had asermon in dutch & I home about 1 OC- not very well Santered about the afternoon & Spent 1s41/2 so I go as I Slide along, at Jacob Morris's he not at home to try to get a walnut Log of him

3rd Wind S.W fine Clear Morn & very warm day potering & w[h]eting 2 saws afternoon Saw down a walnut in Morris's Orchard woods, Got a log 20 feet Long I am to give 5 dollars for Colbert & George Streaper help, Senpt [spent] not to day Morny Morris put 3 Enoculation in Ann's orring [orange] tree I took & Left it their Titus had 5 hands down with him to Rais Bustys Cider house--

4th Wind S W & a Warm Morn Sun Rises at 5 OC & Set at 7 OC- to day I at Yerkus he & I Joined for Gin, at Jane Walters Bevans & David Roberts for Some of my tools afternoon about at Jacob Morris fishing place they graveling ketches

Jul Augt 4th 1808 from their to falls Number hands work at New bridge got a foot path by Laying 2 Logs over the Chanel Spent 51/2d of[f] to Jacob Johnson about a bond he owes the Est he has Built a fine Stone barn this Season after at Edw. Georges, old Hannah Williams very Ill, take Secarsly [scarcely] any thing but this 3 weeks She is about 90 years--

5th Wind W & a warm Morn but the day not so hot as yesterday More brease, went to Rees Price Edw. their not well Come up yesterday back to breakfast, He up after at Morris & the Widow with him, afternoon makeing Latches for A. Zell,--

6th Wind W. by N. pleasant Cool morn & day work at Latches, at Rees Price, drank alittle whiskey home got dinner & Set of[f] after 2 Oc to Norristown, with 3 Bonds of Big Neds had gave to Leadom Seal them up & Left them with Jesse Roberts for Levi Pawlin, Spent 121/2 Cents at ferry & 4 qt oats 121/2 Gin 6 Cents boy 4 Cent, on to Torrances their 6 Cents so home about 1/2 nine OClock put the horse in old Orchard

7th Wind N W fine Cool morn, up soon, at Meeting afternoon with Jos Price whos[e] Wife is Boarding at Yerkus's, at Owen Jones, & at Jonathan Jones drank tea with Jont. Back about Sun Set, begin to Murmer for want of rain at Isaac Price in Morn to See big Ned he got Better

Ju Augt. 8th 1808 wind S. up soon of[f] to Charles Bevans He been Drinking again, for about a Week, Left off the 5th & Crazy the 7th. He was gone home with Nelly I home, Charle[s] Come to See me He conceats He see the Devil or Legions of them after him I made him Drink Near 1/2 pint Wine & Eat Dinner prety harty, then I took [him] to Kuglars made him Drink a Jill wine, He very Loth to drink any thing it had no Effect never raisd him the Least Still much Distresst I went home with him & Left him, I Drank tea with Jane Walters, Abraham home with me & his 2 horses, to goo for Lime, but we heard the kill [kiln] was out & we give up gooing--

9th Wind E & Like for rain & rain a little in morn & a little about noon but Cleard off in Evening. Felix & Jacob Sibley Jur. Came after breakfast, & we saw'd & Cut 4 trees & 8 Logs out of them to make plank & boards for barn, they Eat Dinner & Supper here I of[f] with the Doct. to See Bevans home about Dusk Big Ned & I at Widows about noon

10th Wind about N. & foggy,-- but Cleard off warm I at Jacob Morris's & working boards for barn door, & helping Godfrey to hoop my Carrage wheel at Rees Prices in Evening, Sent for me to Come to Charles Bevans he had a drinking spell about week & then abruptly quit, & He is now quite Derange Crazy think he See the Devil of a number of them after him it was so Late & had no horse handy that I declined gooing, had many frightfull dreams

August 11th 1808 Wind W. fine Cool morn but hot day dry dusty roads, I up Soon & intended to goo to Bevans but had no horse Borrowd Yerkus Mare & went for my gro[o]ving planes went to Abel Thomas back & finished barn Doors Evening Abraham here, to See If I would goo for Lime I agreed to hall Logs

12th Wind S W & very warm of[f] Soon to Jane Walters, & Bevans Got Abraham & two horses & back Borrowd Rees Price's old Shafts & put them to Log Carrage & Loaded white oak Log 10 f Long & took it to Lobbs Mill Back about 12 OC- Dan Warner here to get me to goo to Edw. Georges to Measure Hannah Williams for a Coffin, She died about noon to day Borrowd a horse of Morris & Rode their took her Measure & soon Back Got John Evans & begun the Coffin, Abraham halld another Log to the Mill & quit about sun Set two Women Freinds held an appointed Meeting

13th Wind S W. & warm day tho fine brees afternoon up very soon & work on at Coffin finished about 11 O'C Set off at 12 OC- John Evans along dined their & then put her in, & Started at 4 OC- interd her at Merion Longside her Husband Jos. Williams that is been dead this 50 yrs. I Suppose, I home at a Little after 5 OC- then killd a fine pig weighed 14 lb bare after it was Cleand, for Owen Jones he is to Give 100 Cents, So the [omission] She [Hannah Williams] is no more her Father came over when a Child in 1682

August 14th 1808 Wind S by E. & over Cast & a very Light rain in Morn but Cleard off before 10 OC- prety hott, Set off about 1/2 after 8 OC- to Robert Elliots Burial at his dwelling near the Gulph, he been Childisht the [last] 4 or 5 years his daughters had a very heavy hand with him, he was an Irish Weaver, work Journey work with one Lewis in Haverford, & he used to put his Money to Intrest for him, by his Saveing He purchased this 100 acres where he died, very Good Land, I no doubts but it will fetch 60 D. per Acr. they Started about 10 OC- & interd him at Thompsons yard, a great Number of People, Large Concourse to be Sure, he has Left 2 sons & 5 Daughters I think all very respectable fine Childern But all Grone up & Several of them Settled Back & dined at Jonathan Jones, Major Holstein & John Hughes-- home in Evening a light [shower] or few drops in Evening & blue up Cool

15 Wind N W & pleasant Cool morn & very Pleasant day, Sent to Mis Molly Drakes for Money, Got 2 Dollars, Set off about 9 OC- with Big Ned got to Norris town Entered his Special Bail He paid my Club 5s5 I gave the Boy 51/2d. paid 51/2 at Torrences Stop at Buck Miller Treated to Brand[y] & Ginn then on to Widow Tunis they Raising the Rafters of their new house--

16th Wind N W. & very remarkable Cool morn up soon & got Yerkus's Colt & took her home had put her in orchrd Last Evening at Morris puting up his apple mill afternoon dug a ditch below the tanyard at Jane Walters in Evening

August 17th 1808 Wind N.W. So Cool Castper Whiteman was most Shure their was frost, be shure it was very Cool but I think there was no frost, I feel very stiff after diging in the Swamp below the tanyard, About home all day pottering about the Barn &c &c

18th Wind S W & warm day in Midday but Cool morn & Evening very much so for dog days, up soon feed the horses & Set off to hall Logs Abraham Meet me with Jane Walters two horses & we put on a log & back by Breakfast, halld 3 to Lobbs Mill & one Load of plank back, Poney got the Belly Ake or Colick on Botts & was very bad about noon, we Lost 2 hours perhaps Drenching him &c [Bots is a condition caused by parasitic larvae of botflies in stomach or intestines of horses or cattle.]

19th Wind W. Cool morn & Evening Sold 2 pigs to Antoney Zell for 2 dollars work at Zells Latches, Saml. Gibson here him & I Set off about 11 OC- to Griffeth David's widow to talk to her about 62L She ows Mothers Est. I told her If I did not here from her in 2 weeks I would put it in Execution from thence to John Frees, he in bad way not Long here, takes too much Whiskey it is said at Isaac Bonds, he ows 100 pounds; at Jane Walters, at Widow Price's Dined their So home about 5 OC- Read the papers & Ended this days Pilgrimage

20th Wind S E Morn & over Cast but soon Cleard off fine pleasant to the fealings this Morn, Made a little door for the Barn & Potterd about, being Sevent[h] day

21st Wind N W Cool morn but warm in middle day Some distress about being bound for Edw Price at Meeting. Kimbers wife Preachd alittle afternoon at Jane Walters to Get Abraham to goo for Lime

August 21st

after at Jont Jones Drank tea their & Chatted till 8 OC- then home, He would not goo for Lime

22nd Wind W & Cool Morn up soon, a very trying night heard the Clock Strike Every time but 1 & 4 OC- hard work to keep in my Minde all on Acct of being Special Bail for Edw. Price for 1000 Dollars at Rees Prices opened my Mind to them they give me no Surety about the Business I meet Isaac Warner, for a Coffin for G. White my minde so destresst that I am not fit for any thing Got Castper Goodman & we Join'd the Coffin & finishd about 4 OC & took it home & put him in, in Evening

23rd Wind old Course & very dry, a better Nights rest but had my Scears & Sweats Set of[f] about 1/2 after 8 OC & attended the furnal [funeral] home to Dinner afternoon at Hoffmans whom I made a Coffin for his wife he had no Cash home in Evening--

24th Wind S.W. Set warm. Set of[f] to town Borrow 2 Dolrs of Isaac Price, Got 9 Dollars of Edw George for his Brothers Thomas Coffin, Bout screws 2 gross 9s- Book for Ann 3s9, hat for Jos. 6s6 to Milner 22s6, horse &c 3s9 Rule 6s6- oyle 1s8

25th Wind S.W. warm day, off in Morn with Edw Price to Jont Jones, to Get him to goo to Leadoms, He declined, back, to Dinner afternoon at Barney Shackeys about Measureing his house Evening at Owen Jones he paid me 20 Dollars on acct of work, a fine Shower While their Drank tea with him. it Layd the dust

August 26th 1808 Wind N W fine Clear Morn, Bad night, been a great or fine Shower below us, much more here than at Owen Jones, I Joind Yerkus for Gin 51/2, my Nerves all on the Tremble in Concequence of my Bail of Edw. Price, at Thomas Prices [to ask about] Edw Price, of Last night & Isaac not Come home he had gone to town with Edw. & took his Negro Bill Prest told me they had got his Cart to Move or hall Somethings for Edw. inquired of the old man [Rees] & Tommy. they [k]new nothing of it nor hoo [who] had took them but inquiring of Little hopkins the Rasor Strops son he informd me that, Arch had took them down, to be Shure my fealings was beyond Discription, Set off for Norris town, Calld at Jont Jones, he gone, of[f] to Hagys He with me to Norris, Got a bail peice, & Set off for town, meet Isaac on the ridge road, Said Ned was very Ill, Spoke to two Constables to take but put it off, till morning a very bad night rest. Sleep very Little [in margin: "Discharged 2 Constables with paying 2 Dollars"]

27th Wind S.W. John Elliot, & I went & seen Ned He appears too bad to Move I off & got Breakfast 2 dishes Coffee Eat none at Enochs Store, Enoch Tompson & I went to See him again, he informd me he would Come up before, he went, when I got in Street I was informd He was gooing aboard of Vessel for Shure, I then Resolvd to take [action] at all Events, went to Sherrifs Office, & got an officer

August 27

two Sherriffs Officers, & I off & dined at Buckleys where He Lay, they refused to take him I must take him I told them to follow me & I would at the risk of my Life & I did So then I off to Wm. Elliots, Got a Wagon, He wanted to Stay, I told him If he would give Edw. Tompson & his Brother for bail he might otherways I would not be put off, & got warm, I was rather rude on him, Thompson declined, He then Mounted the Carrage & of[f] they Started I went Elliots, Richard Roberts, of[f] with me I Came up our Road, & got to Norristown before them, & I keep out of their Sight & they Delevered him to Gailer I payd them 20 Dollars & the Post Boy 50 Cts. Roberts Atkenson Rose & I Back to R Roberts I Eate Supper & drank Some Gin so home about 2 oClock

28th Wind W. up as soon as Usual I much Calmer at Jacob Morris's Meeting While after dinner Enoch Price up & behavd very rude to me I off to Jones, he will not goo to Leadoms I at Rees Price Isaac agreed to goo to Norris I back had a bad night of it--

August 29th 1808 Wind N W. up about day & Isaac Price & I set of[f] to Norris Calld on R. Robert[s] he Could not goo with us, Got Law[y]er Pawlin to goo with us to Leadom & new town Bucks County, it Court time we Left Norris about 2 OC- & arivd their about candlelight, mist Leadom & Chapman out of town, Got Supper, Meet Atley their

30th. Wind N. & over Cast in part but Cleard off again; about 10 OC- Leadom & Chapman Came in; had a Conferance hard time about 2 OC- we agreed he is for 500 Dolrs I Give my Note, Conditioned that When I Brought Enoch & Isaac Price's Note He Leadom is to Give up mine & take theirs & he gave a discharge, we Started 20 Minutes after 4 & arivd at Norris at 9 OC- 25 or 27 Miles & Pawlins Chair Broke down & detaind us near an hour, Pawlin & Isaac took him [Edward] out [of jail] & of[f] we Come for home & arivd about 2 OC- in Morn I Spent 4s6 in the Ja[u]nt Isaac paid the rest so Ended this tremendous Business that has been Pressing me this 3 Months & More I have Got it of[f] my Shoulders on Isaac Price

August 31st 1808 Wind I forgot but Clear day & warm, Felix & Jacob Sibley & Colbert begun to Mow after breakfast they had to goo home after they first Came, I very Stiff & sore Abraham Made & had Janes Lot home old dick Run home & Rode & brout him back had 6 qts Whisy. George Let the bottle fall & Spilt & Lost 2 qts. we Rake a good Deal

Sept 1st Wind S W. & fine hay day dry beyond any thing we have had a good while Felix Sibley & Colbert Mowing finished about 5 OC- & halld in 2 Loads & Cock a good Deal Owen Jones & Jonathan here a little while Saml Jarvis here about noon & help at hay

2nd Wind. W. fine day, George Streaper Jarvis William all at hay we halld 8 or 9 Loads in So finished, about dark 4 qts whisy. & 1/2 B. Salt 4s8 a very Light Crop--

3 Wind. W fine day Jarvis & I at Drakes & at Jane Walters She gone to Copes with Henry Bowman, we Dined their then at Widow Price drank Some Brandy their so home Drest & Meet the Society Spent 5 Cents

4 Wind S W. & warmest day had this good while, Horatio up & I not at Meeting at Jacob Morris awhile had mess Corn Abraham here

September 5th 1808 Wind S W & very warm Meet Abraham a little after sun rise with Jane Walters horse at David Roberts, put my 2 & them Log Carrage & hall 3 Logs & 2 Loads back the Carrage wheel Broke down at the Brid[g]e near the Mill, had to throw it down & Came home without a Load So Doct. Hridryk [Hydrick] her[e] Prest me much to Come & help to make window frames

6th Wind S by W. & very warm of[f] about Sun rise to the Doct. & help to make 2 frames Masons Buleding [building] a kitchen for his tennent help to hew a mantletre[e] & put it on Came a gust with thunder much wind it Run of[f] the Eves prety Smart Lasted about 1/2 hour, only Just Layd the dust not above 2 I deep in the dust home in Evening about 3/4 of day bare[ly] that Cleard before night & Sun Shind out

7th Wind. N W & Cool pleasant Morn after breakfast, took horse & went to Look for Casper Goodman to help me at the Doct he finishing a Cart for Knox Could not goo I off to the Doct. & help to make two frames, one Steel help, he had his foot all most Cut of[f] with Scyth & was very Lame about 1/2 day

Sept 8th 1808 wind S W a[nd] more W in Morn prety warm day halling Stone from Evans quarry 6 Loads Cart & 2 horses not above 4 perch, William along, after at Yerkes's Evan Evans their he Been to Boltimore Set off in Morn of thee [the] 5th & Returnd at Phila in Morn of 8th he went in the Boat to New Castle then by Land to the Bay 25 Miles then Boat again 3 D 75 Cents frait, I Spent not, Owen Jones at Yerkus had some Chat with him, he is very Cleaver

9th Wind N. & very Cool morn but warm in day over Cast afternoon Like for rain, Sun Set Clear halld 7 Loads of Stone to day, & wrote 2 Indenters [indentures], for Jacob Castner he getting Saml Eichold Bound to him Michal['s] Son, Evening Isaac Price here & Stay till near 9 OC-

10th Wind N. dry Like; it is a very remarkable time many people not plowd their oats Stuble nor Cant, it is so hard & dry no Rain Since harvest to Soke the ground Paster feilds dryd up dusty I am forst to turn [cattle] in Meadow movd the 2 Calves in to Jane Walters Lot, afternoon at A Leverings & at Rees's Tavern Turnpike a town Meeting to fix on Inspector &c-- Spent 121/2 So home in Evening all Calm

11th Wind W by N & Cool morn & pleasant day at Meeting forenoon after at dutch Church Wm. Lutzenberg Burial He killd himself drinking got Quite out of his reason & got fitts found out in feild tareing up briers dyd in about 3 days

Sept 12th 1808 Wind S W & warm day, of[f] after breakfast at Whitemans work till noon at Jones Cow Stable afternoon Meet at School, none but Loyd Jones & Self, after at Drakes, at Jont Jones So home about 9 OC--

13th. Wind S W & warm day Abramham [Abraham] & Jane Walters 2 horses halld 3 Loads of boards & plank from Lobbs Mill afternoon at Frayleys about trying to Make peace between Barney and Will Long made Some progress So home had J. Morris's youn[g] mare, Abraham halld one Load after I Left him

14 Wind S W warm of[f] to O. Jones, Doct. Hydrick Came their for me I off with him & Layd his Second floor of Joysts near 1/2 day not home till 2 OC- not much above1 hour at work at Jones Evening up at Hagys Doct Hydrickalong home by 9 OC-

15th Wind S W warm & Dry at Work at O. Jones till noon home to Dinner after at Jonathan Jones Drank tea their he had 3 Carriages from town Viz Wister Morris's W. Smiths & the Judges & their familys dineing their, all gone before I got their home after dark

Sept. 16th 1808 Wind S.W. Got Breakfast & of[f] to O Jones took up the Spikes, & made the troofs [troughs] &c home to Dinner Receivd anote from M. Drake that I must Let her know If I take the Lease at a 100 Dollars or not She must have answer in two hours. I wrote her Back If I did not Call in 3 hours She was at Liberty to Do as She pleasd I of[f] to Jones then to Rees's [tavern] He Could not Move to my house till Spring at John Elliots Drank tea their So home

17th Wind S & over Cast & begun to Rain about 5 OC- & raind 3 or 4 Showers prety Smart, I off to Hagys to See If he would Suffer his name to Run in assembly, Got prety wet gooing Eat Breakfast, their Back to Jont Jones's He perswaded me to goo to County Meeting at Tysons, I home Drest & back to J. Jones & of[f] By Elliots he along arivd at Norris about 12 at Tysons about 2 OC I Spent 371/2 Cents back to Norris & Eat Supper J Jones paid my Dinner & Supper & horse I Spent 6 Cents, at Norris. So home about 10 [O]C-- very fine Cool day & dust Layd

18 Wind W fine day not at Meeting afternoon Enoch Thompson here & Drank tea at J. Morris's & Rees Price's Evening

19 Wind N W & fine day at Drakes She gave me a great Lecter because I would not take her Lees [lease] at J Jones & Whitemans home to Dinner after at Doct. Hydricks & Whitemans

Sept. 20th 1808 wind S by W off Soon to Doct Hydrick Casper their framed his Rafters & Joyst & Raisd them, then Came on about 4 OC amost violent gust of wind & Rain have not had such a rain this 3 Months the wind was violent, much rain in town very Cold in Evening home

21st Wind N.W. Cool morning I off to Whitemans help to Spike up the Studs on Stalls then of[f] for Bevans But Jonathan Jones Calld me in & made me dine then I of[f] to Bevans & Jane Walters then home

22nd Wind N W & a large white frost meadow white & I Scrapt it of[f] fence Like alittle Snow I of[f] after breakfast to Whitemans finish all but fastenings to his Cart house doors made 12 Stall for Cows, home about 2 OC

23 Wind S E Cloudy most part of Day but no rain made a Barrel Cyder at Morris I & George Ground & squeas'd it out home to Dinner, Wm Hagy here to Dinner & Stayd till 3 OC-- He Sceard for fear he Get in Assemble [Assembly], & wants to declare off provided none of his Ticket get in but himself I at J. Jones he gone to Millers Raising of his big house I at Drake & Jane Walters my Mare run away I after her & had no talk with Mrs Drake

September 24th 1808 Wind S by E & Drisley morn & Misty day I Clouting [patching] my Cart, &c till noon then at Widow Warners Spent 6 Cent on trust She Could not [make] Change of[f] to John Atkinsons widow Got 5 Dollars, off to Curwens Drank tea their of[f] at 8 OC- for home Got Lost in Curwens feild, along time before I got out, got in Line Road Did not know the turnpike when I got in it Got to Gate & paid 2 Cents arivd home after ten very Dark & wet Some

25 Wind S by E over Cast Jarvis here as soon as I was up, I was to goo, to West town but too Like for rain, not at Meeting, about 12 OC Come a Smart Shower & keep at it all the afternoon Sokeing rain, N Lewis & 2 Evans Lippens & Jarvis I Spent 3 pints, whisk 2s3

26 Wind N W Clear & Cool John Evans & I off to Bevans I Glassing he hanging doors &c Jont. Jones Came their & made me goo home with him to Dine Good Rib of Rost Beef after him & I walk to Hagy's drank tea their then home about 9 OC- Evans made 3/4 [of a day's work]

27th Wind N & heavy frost Ice on End of Barrel near 1/4 Inch thick killd all the Corn blades, I off to Bevans finished all the puttey, dined at Jane Walters then home & of[f] to Doc Hydricks Got in order to Shave Shingles, with Savage & Zell at Yerkus s Spent not

28 Wind S & white frost pleasant day of[f] to Jane Walters She Hannah Zell & I Set off at 6 OC for West town School arivd about 10 OC- dined at farm house, Left their after 2 OC- with E Walter & Jane Burgis both been their 1 year & arivd home alittle after 6, I Spent 25 Cents the Womans pd all the Rest--

Sept 29th 1808 Wind S & Rainney Morn & Light rain all day, but did not Soke much tho run of[f] the Eves Strong at times, I about home till [omission] Glassing Some of old windows after at C- Bevans He very Dull & Distresst in Mind had a drinking Spell again Drank tea their then at Jane Walters So home Cloudy & wind S

30th Wind S in Morn & over Cast, Cleard off about noon Jarvis here Soon he & I at Felix's & at Jane Price Drand [drank] Some Brandy then home to Dinner after at Township Meeting had 315 Voters they [the] Democrats Beet us 5 Votes had Several Battles-- Terrible pitch Democracy has got the vulgar will rule It Cant Stand Long when we must [be] ruld by mob all our fighting has been for nought

Oct 1st Wind S W & avery fine warm day at work at Barn boarded part of Stable afternoon at Society 13 Members meet I drank Some Gin overrun our 1s- David Roberts paid 6 Cents for me Remember to pay for him Some day Evening went with Janes Little boys & old will & took a bee tree on Stoney bank had Scearsly any honey not a pint, home about 9 OC Polecat in garden at hen & Chickens I Soon Seen him & got pitch fork & killd him he Stench us much

October 2nd 1808 Wind W. by S. & Smart gust wind & Light rain from West. I of[f] after Breakfas[t] to Alley Roberts to Settle Thomas Robeson Rale [real] Est Dined their John Warner & one Ridgway home about 4 OC-

3rd Wind N W & very fine day of[f] about Sun rise to Rees's tavern John Evans' horse that run away the first of September brought their by an Irishman that Broke Stone on pike after gethering up Corn that we Cut down mad[e] me Stiff, Evening at Rees s again, & Calld at Jont Jones home about ten OC-

4th Wind N E geard up & hall 3 small Loads of Corn fodder in then got to rain so hard we had to quit afternoon at Jane Price & at Felix Driseled all afternoon Titwiler up & Settled his Rent I pd him an order of A Leverings 7L 3s9 & a days mowing 5s71/2 Lath 4f & 1 Dor Charles Noble-- So it goo's an[d] I always behind

5th Wind N E in Morn & rain wind variable about 10 OC Like to Clear near W about 11 OC. W[ind] S. & raind again I at Morris's Laying out Door frames for Lippens boy back & about home all after

6th Wind I know not Where about home Evening at Jont. Jones th[e] election affairs

Oct. 7th 1808 Wind-- Casper & I Laying Barn floor prety fine day

7th [8th?] Wind S W & fine day Casper & I Laying my barn floor & making troffs

8 I forgot where at drakes vandue

9th W[ind] I forgot at Alger at home being first day

10th Wind-- Casper & I at Doctor Hydrick Shingleing till noon I beleive it being Muster day, I pr I up soon at Rees's Tavern John Evans found his horse he offerd an Irishman 30 Dr on the 7th & he fitch [fetch] it Last Evening we Let in a Jealoussey [suspicion] he had taken him But he was advertised in papers, I home to Dinner Eat breakfast at Rees, Evening at Rees s again about John['s] horse Spent 25

11th Wind W fine day at J. Jones in Morn to Look for tickets & at Mill Bout. 1/4 wheat flower for 7s6 one qt Brandy 3s9 our Grand Election dined at Yerkus s by his Strong invitation Several viz W Hagy up & Drank some Brand[y] with me M Curwen & Morgan here to tea

Oct 12th 1808 Wind S E & wet day I after breakfast at Doct. Hydricks Wm. Hagy Doct & I off to Jones, got a petition to the Governor to make Alley Roberts a Justice of the Peace dined at Jones & then at Balorts A Thomas & Richard Jones, Jos. George Morris & Zell Signd perhaps 10 of us Do[c]t. & Hagy Drank tea with me

13th Wind N W Cold Doct took the Petition in I about home heard yesterday that the Democrats beet us 500 votes in County & they Beat us 13 for Governor in our township & 8 in Assembly So we must knock under

14th Wind I beleive about home

15th Wind-- Casper & I half a day at Hydrick afternoon at Drakes Vandue I Bout Several thing[s] Evenin[g] at Rees Tavern Loyd Jones & Price's kill 14 Rabits

16th Wind S W fine day at Meeting in morn & Camp Meeting afternoon O. Jones along

Octr 17th 1808 Wind S by E & over Cast & begun to rain about 12 OC & very wet afternoon Casper Lippens & Self at Doct Hydricks Shingleing finished all but 2 Courses raind so hard that we Could not finish made a window frame after wet Evening

18th. Wind W fine Clear Day Cut & ringd my 6 pigs after dinner Set of[f] for Curwins Calld on J. Jones He & I Set off for Bird [in Hand] to See the Batalion they Broke up followd the Troop to Elliots; got in a party J. Jones & I Stayd till 12 OC- when I went to Set off my Mare was gone I Set of[f] & walk all the way to Tompsons Bridge, Jones had Got Lost & their overtook me & I rode then to Owens gate & He walk I to bed up Stairs thought I have a good Sleep

19 Wind N W prety [omission] up Soon Could not Sleep Look out for the Mare no Mare Borrowd Yerkus Mare

and of[f] By the pike & on to Elliots no account of the Mare dined their & Glass Ginn 25 Cents on by Eagle Canady [innkeeper] treated me at his house to small Glass whisky, Stop at Elliots Drank Some Brandy So home about dusk no account of the Mare

20th. Wind N W Borrowd a horse of Jacob Morris & 1 B Wheat & 1 B Rye of the Widow & Sowd 1/2 the Corn feild that we had Cut of[f] & plowd up sowd but 1/2 B of the Rye & all the Wheat we had Dung Light on the top the Most, all but 11/2 Land

21st Wind N W Cold or Cool Laying 3 or [4] plank In barn begun to think my Mare gone Viz Stole, but to My about 12 OC- to be Shure I See a boy Bring her home safe Saddle & bridle one Smiths [boy] on old Roberts place Just above Sheets paper Mill they found her in Meadow in Morn after I Lost her, She had Come McClenechans road & I suppose went to go to the old road again for Shee was not acquainted with that road but Stop to take a bite it is a very by place I Shoul[d] not thought Lookin[g] their [in margin: "Cuting the rest of the Corn off & Carrying to fence"]

October the 22nd 1808 Wind E & begun to rain about day & had a very wet day very hard about 3 OC. from N W. I pronounced Clear but did not till in night, put 15 Lights Glass in School house a little fellow by name of Wood here Last Evening & his horse for a school it so wet never went out Spent mug Cyder 6 Cents

23 Wind N W & fine day at Meeting Roger Dicks Preachd & prayd very Good for us L Jones T Price & McClenechan here & agreed to try the Little man for 1/4 as a teacher after noon I at Haverford Meeting Dicks to be their He did not make out Like the Morning, hard work

24 Wind N W. fine day tho Cool Wood & [I] Set of[f] for Look for Schollars made a bad out, home to Dinner after at it again home to tea & he set of[f] for home made [illegible]

25 Wind W. at Mothers Jane Price Morris He got 500 Dolrs of Sister Becca Cricket Meet Me & turnd out he wants a Leese of widow

25th Octr 1808

I home & Down to Isaac Price put in 5 or 6 Glass for him & 2 for Thomas Dine'd their home & Carried up the Corn that Holland & boys husk for 3 Little Load[s] Stock & all Wm halld home

26th Wind S by W very pleasant day Got 1 B. Rye of widow & Sowd near 1 B & 1/2 in remainder of Cornfeild & Wm Harrowd it in only one way Isaac Yost here to Look Money for Mason work Jarvis here, we all 3 at Drake, She gave me 30 Dollars. I B. a pair Shoes of Finance at 15s- back & Drank tea at Jones

27th Wind S W. & fine day killd my Black Cow that I raisd at turn pike She very bad to Jump very good back but not much Tallow, after noon Colbert & I at Doct. Hydrick finish Roof & made a window frame worth 3s9 1 qut whis. 20 Cents N W Shower rain

28th Wind N.W. & Cold froze alittle Isaac Youst & Boy here finish'd Dashing the Barn I made & Carried the Mortar Wm. & Childern picking apples

29th Wind N W & the Morter in the heap froze prety hard. Mother [wife Mary] went to Market with 4 pigs it so Cold we did not pertend to work Viz the Masons did not before Breakfast I watch them Building a wall from Bridg[e] to E. end Barn afternoon at Society Spent 111/4

October 30th 1808 Wind N W. & Cool morn fine day Drest to goo with J. Jones to Germantown to dine with John Price He intend married with his Neese Wister He prevented Gooing by Judge Jones Sending word that he was to Dine with him & I prevented by the death of Hannah Bridson, whom Documents & Recepts will Show I Long & much I have been Pestered with her; Sent Little George W E Price for John Evan[s] to help me he Came & Lippens help after noon we finished [coffin] about 4 OC- Lippens Evans & Self Set off about Sun Set & took it up & put her in

31st. Wind N E in Morn & alarge white frost & plenty of Ice, Seen Large Long pipes [of ice] at McClenachans Mill Near 10 OC. as we went with the Coffin Burial Bore a great Coat very Well till we got their after put them in wagon, & rode without, had much preaching Prayin[g] & Singing Methodist Buried at Radner Methodis[t] yard She died Strong in the Beleif of a witness of Election being made Shure, & Strong in Christian faith Spent 25 Cents Jonathan along prety Large Concourse & great Encomioms through[out] on the old Woman

November 1st 1808 Wind S. a large white frost but it is Soften'd down, not so Cold, Charles Noble Here Bout a 1/2 B. Dryd peaches for 1 Dollar the young Master Isaac Wood begun School yesterday, I propose to begin to dig potatoes, & dug them all 2 Small Cart Loads per 20 or 22 B. Some very fine at Yerkus's took the Book Case Lock of it would not work.

2nd- Wind S & very foggy morn Cleard off about 10 or 11 OC- very pleasant day, I at Felix to Show him wood for Drakes, home by widows, afternoon Borrow Titus's Mare & went to E Georges to Give him a bill for Cart house & Corn house Drank tea made the Bill & home alittle after 8 OC-

3rd Wind N W. & remarkable foggy & Drop of[f] the trees as If raining Smart, at Isaac & Thomas Price Borrowd 1 B & 1/2 peck Rye & Sowd potatoe & pompkin & Corn peice part of old orchard & William Harrow it derect fine Dry & Mellow pleasant day, after noon at Jane Price's with her at Drakes & J Walters Drank tea their then at Jones, Jonathans back about 9 O Clock fine evening very moon Light

4th Wind N & much Cooler put the boards in barn then at Thomas Price's put in 1 Light of Glass 10 by 12 after at the Election for Electors not many Constitutionalist out [Demo]Crats Beet 2 to 1 1 qt Brandy 50 Cents J Curwen Jr & R Jones Dine with me at my house Wm. Hagy & Sons here & took alittle Brandy & water & of[f] they went Down about 8 OC- & all quiet

November 5th 1808 Wind N. & Clear day of[f] to Drakes Got a letter to Vaughn at Jane Walters home to Breakfast Got Yerkus's Mare & of[f] to town, Got 50 Dollars of Vaughn on Mary Drakes order a Check on Bank U.S. Bout Cloth & Lining for turowsers 32s2 Dinner and horse 6s6 paid Eliot 7 Dollars for the Carriage that took Edw. Price to Norristown, Spent 51/2 went I went [repeated] Look for old Seaman, feriage 4 Cents pike 3 Cents So home about Dark--

6th Wind N. & bost Bo[i]sterous & Cold Cloudy Jont. Jones here in Morn him & I to Look at the Bridge at the falls, Got the Chains over & the Joysts Layd ready to plank, they may finish in 2 or 3 weeks, home to Dinner with Jones after at Elliots, O & J Jones Spent 121/2 Cents

7th Wind N & prety Cool Clear morning Loyd Jones Toms Price & a Number of them aguning a Rabbit hunting I went Round by Clin [Clines] John Caut one I home & pick apples & took to widows put her mill in trim home to Dinner, after their [at Jane Price's]& Ground & Carried water on it So home prety fine W.[ind] S by W.

8th Wind $ [S] & over Cast in Morn I at work at Barn Wm. puting up & Makeing Cyder fetch 2 B. home & went for the others not full Come home & halld Load Corn I in Evening at Jane Walters to Look for Abraham to hall Logs home & posted up Antoy. Tunis acct--

November 9th 1808 Wind $ by W. & avery fine warm day, at work at barn & helping Lippens to kill a Cow he Bout. of Alley Roberts weighed 509 lb very good, Evening at Jacob Morris Drank Some Whiskey & Eat Some Sasasege [sausage] from Last year very good home Smokey & warm dry

10th. Wind S W. & a remarkable fine warm day at work at Bo[a]rding up the Stables Evan Evans at work all day E[x]cept 3 runs to Yerkus's, Complaind of bad head Ack Eate's very Little, has been so Long Idle & took the drops prety regularly; one qt whiskey yesterday, 1s41/2 all gone to day Lost 1/2 dollar out my pocket-- A great Loss at this time, I Lost a gu[i]nea once & 5 Dollar Note another time I beleived I did not miss it so much as 50 Cents now Evening got an old wheel from Yerkus's & put to Log Carriage--

11th Wind N E & over Cast all day up soon & Sawd two Logs in orchard woods, Abraham Come with Jane's 2 horses & halld two logs to Lobb's Mill & a load of boards back halld a White oak Log that Layd by the bridg[e] that our Carriage Broke down with 1 qt whisy. 1s6-- Lent Poney to Yerkus to hall Cyder from Morris's Evan Evans here no work

12 Wind $ & very warm & driseled or raind Little in Morn very triffeling through the day Layd between three Stable doors & brok[e] Stones against them [in margin: "at Yerkus with Savage Spent 121/2 Cents & Spard old Richard"]

November 13th 1808 wind S. & been a good much rain in night & Showery to day at Jacob Morris before Breakfast, after at Meeting Raind very hard about 10 & 11 OC- Wind got North & Blue prety high & much Colder afternoon Several people here, I at home, all the afternoon Read the Testament till 10 OC. very Sorry for a little Spar I had on Polick's [politics] Last Evening with Richard Eckrod the Blind man I Stub him hard that I did not beleive He was a prophit nor the Son of one, that the federals was Bribe by British Gould [gold] I told him he was as much Bribe by Boneopart [Bonaparte]--

14 Win[d] N W & prety Cool White frost & the ground froze Some but not much as I Expected I of[f] to McClenechans & at Savages trying to Settle Between him & his Mother Back & Bout Suspenders of Gyer for 4s8 Got not dinner Drank Coffee with Mac home & Down to E. Georges, about Building his Cart house he not at home waited & Seen him Left their after 9 OC- Mare Run away had to walk very dark [in margin: "Evan Evans Jointed 12 boards to day"]

15th of November Wind N.W. prety Cool flying Clouds Sun Shind about Seem'd pleasant, Cuting out doors for Barn, afternoon Rain & Snowd great fleaks [flakes] from N & very Raw Set off about 4 OC to Alley Roberts, Back about 7 OC Evan Evans away with Lippens 1 qt Whis 1s6--

16 Wind N.W. Sun Shind in Morn then over Cast Cold about 11 & 12 very fine & by 2 O[C] Cloudy & raind at Norris & Snowd Some at home before 8 OC. all star light Antoney Zell & I at Norris town I paid printer Sowers five dollars for Doct Hydrick John & Evan Evans N Lewis, Recd 1 Dollar for Eva from Lewis & Doctor, Evans had Spent 50 Cents & I. Warner Evans Says ows 50 Cents, so I paid 2 dollrs. for Evans Bout 4 lb wrought Nails 5s- Dinner &c 7s6 boy 5 Cents home about 8 OC-

17th Wind N.W. Evan Evans at work at Stable doors about 3/4 of day I at Jones Bout a Cord of wood for Hannah Zell 6 Dollars I at work at Barn after Spent 121/2 Cents with Horn & McCoy

18th Wind N W & avery hard frost after Breakfast Evan & I at E Georges & Layd a tear [tier] Joysts over his Cart house 42 feet Long I think worth 7s6-- I Spent 8 Cents treating Evan & self at Stadlemans home about Sun Set

November 19th 1808 Wind S W & very fine day, Evans here prety soon, & Set to work & made the Entry door & hung the Cow Stable & horse Stable door & fited in Most hung the East door, Evan off at noon to Gooing Rabit hunting made a bare 1/2 day Jarvis here all night at J. Morris's She Gave me 2 five dollar notes for one ten dollar & I Gave Godfrey 5 dollars for Smith work against the Shop in the Chair with Titus gooing town, over Cast & dark

20th Wind $ W & warm fine rain in Morn & night, tho rather over Cast all day, but no rain at Meeting afternoon at home Reading

21st Wind S & a fine Moderate day I at Morris Bout 1/2 Cord Hickory wood 3 dollars for School, Wilm. & I geard up our 2 horses in Little wagon & halld barn floor plank from Lobbs foggy all day & Cloudy, Evening at T. & I. Prices putteyd part of Light Glass & Exchaingd my Lopyeard [lop-eared] (Edw Georges bread [breed]) of Sow that has the pigs for one of theirs that has Just taken the Bore [boar] they want to keep mine & I to fatten theirs, I Said I Give him a ro[o]ster to boot it Raind Smart Shower while their

22nd. Wind S by E very remarkable foggy day & raind all the afternoon or from about 3 OC Evan & I framed the big double door below & hung 2 doors

22 Novr. 1808

Evan made about 3/4 of a day him & I at Isaac Prices & Cut out Celler door wet fast Isaac & Thomas up & drove my Sow down I Spent 111/4 &c &c Isaac Price & I Exchanged Sows I gave one for Breading & He gave me one to feed So we are Bothe Satisfye'd

23rd Wind W & prety fine day Lippens, Evan Evans & I Sett off about 8 OC- to Edw Georges & I Layd out the Rafters for Cart house & L & E.E fell to framing John Ott Came for me to Make a Coffin for Barney Freezs Child, I up with him (Spent 51/2 at Stadlemans[)] & begun the Coffin Pawlin help a little Jont Jone[s] here at Yerkus's with him Spent 111/2 Hagy & Jones Drank tea & Some Brandy with me (Pint Brandy 25 Cents) Put on the molding Got all Don[e] but the Lid--

24th Wind N W & very Cold a great Snow Shower about 5 OC in Morn up Soon & finished the Coffin & took (Cold day the Snow Layd till 11 or 12 in places) down they Started about 11 OC for dutch Church Hagy J. Jones & I to the falls to See the new Bridge Dined at falls Major Brooke their pd me 8 Dollars for Henry Whites Coffin But I treated him to a pint wine 621/2 Cents the hole Club for me was 15s- home in Evening

Novr 25th 1808 Wind N W & very hard froze & Cold morn, E Evans & I set off Soon for Edw Georges, pind on the plates & Raisd the Rafters & Lath almost one Side & Boarded Gable We made a good days work for this Season worth 10s-

26 Wind N W Cold morn & day froze very hard bare a waggon Loaded, prop the Shelves in Book Case Evan help a little did not pertend to Charge I hope he had 2 Meals here Meet the Society 15 of us we had a dinner & prety plenty wine Cost us $2..50 Cents per man all very agreeable home about 11 OC- dear work Judg Peters Excelld in witty Strokes

27th Wind N W & very Cold morn the Boys Skeeting on Able Thomas s Dam a remarkable hard frost for so soon at Meeting in Morn with Judg Jones & Jont. Jones in their Carriage to See falls Bridge again, 100 people & More I dare Say Seeing it Spent not back to tea very Raw & over Cast Evening

28th Wind S W up about Day, & out a fine Shower of Snow Coverd the Ground but Cloudy & wind got to South & Moderated much

28th Evan Evans here about 6 OC- & Calld up Lippens & of[f] He his man Pawlin Evans & Self to Edw Georges treated at Yurkes [Yerkus] 51/2d & at Stadlemans 111/4 so made a good days work for these Short day[s], Pawlin & I Lathing, Evans & Lippens Shingleing home at Night Treated them to 121/2 Cents worth at black horse So it Cleard of[f] about noon & was very warm I was in Sweet [sweat] alathing & Lippens with his Co & the rest with their Coats off till Evening. the flying Pismires or flys was quite plenty flying as high as the Cart house Roof. Just a[t] Sunset they were Larger than Nats I think I was Busy & did not think of kitching any of them perhaps Misceators [mosquitoes]

29th Wind S W & fine Clear warm day Lippens his Coat off & Sleaves Rold up Shingleing I my Coat off. their soon & made a good days work for Short days 5 in two days Layd 25 hundred Shingles viz 2 yesterday & 3 of us to day took our home made Cloth to Evans to make a great Coat, & fetch fetch home the Cloth, home in Evening-- Evans at Georges all 3 of us at E Georges to Shingleing his Cart house

November 30th 1808 Wind S & amost remarkable warm day Evan & I boarding the front of Barn & other work, I off to the widow Prices at D Roberts & at Jane Walters Evan made a good half day, I not home till night, I went to see If Drake was gooing to Move to day Spent 6 Cents to day,

December 1st. Wind N this Morn plenty of White frost at McClenechans Meadow but not here, I off soon & back by 10 [O]Clock for 3 by 4 Lobb Sawd Evan hewd a sill for Cow Stable & he made a prety good days work I at [it] all day put the Studs & framed for Slates very fine day without my Coat till night Can Set in the house without Scearsly any fire, Evan sent pint whis I to pay him

2nd.Wind E. & red to Sun rise begun to rain before 10 O'C- & wet afternoon, Evan at work all day morticed 5 post for the out Stalls part of the Stall & put up boards for one I made a Troff for the other Stable &c Evening at Yerkus paid him 2s4 for Sundries Evan along back to supper Mary & 2 of Childern tooth ake

3rd. Wind S E & over Cast been wet all night but raind none till Evening then from S I made a step Ladder in Cow Entry & Evan Layd Entry floor then run before 12 OC. I at Felix to get Nance to Come here at David Roberts So home

December the 4th 1808 wind Nearly W by N & blows hard with rain 6 OC- been a very rainey night tho When I went to bed 9 OC I thought the wind S W & would Clear derect almost but it has been a blowin[g] wet night my fat hogs no Cover I up at 5 O'C- a Cold & Coff with it help to feed &c Got my Sheep home from Morris 5 Ewes & 1 Ram He put them in his feild for the use of my Ram Sold 2 pigs to Yerkes 18s9 two to Lippens yesterday Shavd drest & walk down with Isaac Price to Look at his fat Cattle &c and dine with him on an Excelent Rib of beef he off to Val[l]ey to Look for Lime I home meet, John Rawlin Jr. He wants to rent my place at pike I told him their was 2 applications I did not know how I stood with one of them had some dispute with Peggy Colbert about Jos Walters Est.-

5th Wind N W & prety Cold fitted Boards in 4 Windows in Barn, afternoon at David Roberts he with me to Drakes, She & I had Some Smart disputes about the time & other Matters but parted freindly Wanted to Stay 2 or 3 weeks after new years I said She might

6th Wind N W & prety Cold Morning Evan & I off after Breakfast to Edw George finished Shingling & made a door &c 3/4 of day home in Evening at Stadlemans Spent 6 Cents So home

December 7th 1808 Wind N E Whitefrost Set off about 6 OC for Edw Georges hung Cart house door Broke Lippens 1/2 Inch auger boreing a hole for hook, made 2 Cow Stalls Evan Made 2 feed troffs, over Cast & begun to Snow before 10 OC- & keep at it all day & till perhaps 8 OC- at Night it was about 1 Inch deep we finish'd & E.G. gave me 10 Dollars on acct. we home Stop at Stadlemans Spent 122/3 Cents very Cold

8th Wind N.W. & a very Sharp Cold Morn, some dogs killd one of Morris Sheep & wounded another so bad they had to kill it I trying to track the dog but made no out at Pre[i]st at the widows with Cricket He taking the place again where he Lives Drank Some Sperrits with them or their, back & at Morris's Drank tea their So back Cloudy to W

9th Wind S up about 3 OC- in order to goo with Jacob Morris to town but it raind alittle went their & help him to Load his Marketing, and told him I Could not [go] had no great Coat, So back & went to bed but did not Sleep much the Childern begun to Chatter; Raind Several Light Showers before noon, the sun Shind about noon very warm Seen the Misceaters flying plenty Just before night, I made the back door for the barn & naild it up, paid Sowers the printers Boy viz two dollars one for W Tunis & one for Lippens Spent 12 Cents to day Colbert killd his Spring pig yesterday weighd 185 lb

December 10th. 1807 [1808] Wind W. & Sharp morn about home hanging the Big doors below in Barn where I keep my Light Wagon Grandaddy Morris treated me to a Brandy Sling at Yerkus this days Journal Should be in the 9th & the ninth be in the 10th John Evans Brought my Great Coat home home made Cloth

11th Wind N E Been a wet night & Raind very Studdy till [omission] & over Cast till Evening then broke off Wind W. at Meeting Dined on a Chine of Porke Colberts Sent us Evening at Thoms. Price's J. Morris along Back to tea--

12th Wind W. & very fine Calm morn Little white frost but very Moderate at Isaac Price soon to Look a tree for gates, home to breakfast, at Preist Smith Shop. He not at home so back afternoon at George Britsons, to See what he intends to do about paying the other heirs, at G. Savage's & his Mothers to try to make a settlement between them home after McClenechan had 8 hogs hanging he had killd to day--

13 Wind N E Nearly & Snowing at 5 OC- the Ground almost Coverd, not froze any I think, wind Got N. before & much Colder to N W. Evening & Sun Shind at Seting

December 12th [13th] 1808

I of[f] to Jane Walters about 7 OC- to help her kill hogs Abraham Felix Washer & Black George & I killd 8 by 2 OC- 6 of them very fine perhaps Or I think they will weigh 1200 lb & 2 Small perhaps 100 lb apeice High wind & Cold Evening, Jacob Morris killing to day

14th Wind N W. & very Cold tho Clear of[f] at Thomas Prices made 4 Celler windows & fitted them in home before night I made a bench by the barn out of the wind

15 Wind N W hard frost the roads bare a Cord of wood, the dam froze all over at Toms Prices made Shetters for Springhouse finished before night so home

16 Wind N W. hard frost Clear & Cold the roads froze so dry that the dust flyes Like Summer at Isaac Price makeing a gate made a poor out about 1/2 day Spent 121/2 C- with Loyd Jones at Yerkus s so home--

17th Wind S by W & meallowd down a very fine Pleasant day at I Price's finished the gate about noon home & hung the Little door in the big barn door, Felix & Colbert Cuting wood yesterday & to day. William halling

18th Wind S by E & over Cast tho so fine Last Evening

December 18th 1808

begun to hail about 9 OC- but then rain & had heavy Showers all the forenoon at Meeting it Small, at J. Morris's alittle while home to tea, Come up after dark a great Shower from most W. & much wind & raind Much till I went to bed & they Say till midnight, I up about 5 OC the 19th Wind W. & Clear Lippens gooing to kill his hogs they up about 2 OC- Runing about geting water &c the School Master up greatest part of the night with tooth ake so a restless night with them I with Lippens to the widow Price's he got a fat hog of her alive weighd 207 lb I after breakfast at Isaac & Thoms Price's help them to kill hogs Kill 15 good hogs, a young noo bones (so Calld) weighed 173 lb a little Looking pig almost almost [repeated] as high on her side as feet, pork a drug [on the market] almost the Best but 5 Dolrs & 4 is a Common price in Market, so much for Jefferson inBargoo [embargo], back & Seen Janes hog weighed, Lost a Glass of Gin with Evan sd Janes hog would be as heavy as Lippins But one of his weigd. 262 other 204 the same Litter as my 3 in pen but he has keep his up all Sum[m]er, tho they never was Splaid [spayed] both Sow pigs they where [were] Charming or prime

20th Wind N W & begun to Sn & froze all day Cold, at Drakes & Settled with her Esqr Curwen their, after at Elliots Spent 121/2 Cents at Rees, so home

December 21st 1808 Wind N.E & begun to Snow about 9 OC- but turnd to rain & had a wet afternoon Evan Evans & I Boarded the Big doors &c at barn He begun about 8 OC- & Left off at 4 OC-

22 Wind S by E & foggy Morn & Cloudy day with rain Smart Shower about 3 OC- Jont Jones here & E. Lobb Evan & I boarding the front of barn, He work till near 4 OC- 1 qt whisy 1s6

23rd Wind S E & rainey foggy morn till noon the Sun Shind So warm the flys was out Dubsman took Judge Jones fat Cattle by he haveing Bout. them perhaps 30 a great many of them was Loling & blowing their toungs [tongues] out Like Summer it was remarkable warm Evan & I at barn Evans 3/4 day I in Evening at Jont. Jones Drank tea home about 10 OC- very pleasant moon Shining I hope it was Cleard tho W[ind] S

24th Wind N about 4 OC- heavy rain & wind, raind till about 9 OC then haild then Snow Large & fast till 2 OC Coverd Ground almost blue up in Evening-- hung one door & Spent 20 Cents at the Society only 5 their John Rawlin declind being a Member very bad roads--

25th wind S W. fine day at Meeting afternoon at Jacob Morris alittle while back to tea Malcum Queen daughter that was Married Lived in town Buried at our yd to day

26th December 1808 Wind S W had Snowd & Snowd about 6 OC Cleard off soon & a fine day Killd my 4 hogs 1 weighed 225 lb 210 lb 104 & old Sow Got of Isaac Price 185 lb total 824 lb Yerkus s two Same Age or Litter 1 weighed 223 190 lb total 413 lb Lippins 2 Same age he killd a week agoo, one wtd. 262 the other 204-- Felix Evan Evans Lippins & John Colbert was my hands, George Streaper Yerkus & Saml- had a great time Evan Lost 4 G. Gin & he paid them He got York prety high

27th. Wind S W & fine day Evan made 1/2 day at Sd. of barn floor I at Rees Prices Lobb after me, I down to Kitty Doughterty [Dougherty] Alley Roberts their we praisd her Store goods & broke her up from Store keeping She Got to soake it high I fetch her home I bout 1 lb Coffee & 2 lb Sugar [in margin: "28. Cut up hogs & at Rees tavern, he will not Rent Mine"]

29 Wind N. Raind & haild alittle in Morn but got Softer & raind Evening & Snowd a shower in night; I killing hogs at Jane Prices kill 10 they all weighed 2248 the he[a]viest 265

30 Wind N W & blue up very Cold froze all day, at Jane Walters to show wood to Cut home to Dinner after Cleaned 2 B. Wheat the first I have thrash & Wm. begun to thrash Rye the first been buying & Borrowing

December the 31st 1808 Wind S W & Mellowd down a good deal, Evan here wanting to Settle Casper here wanting a ballance of 4 Dolrs that I owe for work at Doct. Hydricks, I off to Jane Prices, Cuting up her hogs Dined their home about 4 OC- with Jacob Morris & Isaac Price to warn James Read to Move, after at Bill Prests with Ruth Thompson's warning to warn him out he not home Left it with his wife, Back & drank Coffee with Morris